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I thought it might be fun to pretend we’re comfy on my couch, sipping Coffee Bean’s Winter Dream Lattes and reminiscing about life – the stuff we’re learning, what we’re loving, our current Netflix obsessions, and why are men and women so dang opposite – type of talkage.

I’ll share first. You are welcome to chime into the conversation if you’d like. Or you can curl up alongside and sip something warm. I’m just fine with that.

I’m learning even though my husband and I are similar in personalities, we react completely opposite. I’m trying on patience while he processes, and prepping him when there’s something I’d like to discuss. Hey, babe, I have something I’d love to talk about. How about after the kids are in bed? This goes down so much better than blasting him with big topics the moment he walks in from work.

I’m loving the sound of the heater kicking on first thing in the morning, a reminder of when I was little, smelling toast from downstairs and hearing my parents shuffling around the kitchen before leaving to teach for the day.

I’m learning it’s not my responsibility to fix people or situations.

I’m loving you, you shows that suck.me.in: The Great British Baking Show, Blindspot, Chef’s Table, and Call the Midwife. And Scandal. Darn.you.Scandal.

I’m learning how horrible I am at math, as noted when our 1st grader asked for homework assistance and after I stared at his paper for 10 minutes, I nudged him to “call your Aunt Becky.”

I’m loving wearing something all day, sleeping in it, and maybe wearing it on a walk the following morning. Don’t judge. Maybe I’m loving showering too. Maybe not.

I’m learning the greatest joys come in turning outward, giving in secret, and trying to understand where someone else is coming from.

I’m loving teaching our boys how to pick unbruised apples at the store, how much milk costs, and to notice how the carton with Donald Duck’s face costs a whoppin’ $1.50 more than normal OJ.

I’m learning memories are more valuable than things. Except for the new convertible VB Bug. I’m thinking I’d love one of those for my birthday.

I’m loving gel manicures in taupe polish, snuggling babies, and not apologizing for taking up space.

I’m learning the word “different” can be destructive, and instead, am choosing to see us humans as a collective whole on the color wheel, each person shining their unique hue.

I’m loving reading these books with our boys: Indian in the Cupboard, The Mouse and the Motorcycle, Amelia Bedelia and Bill Peet books. On my nightstand, I love reaching for: Every Little Thing, For One More Day (bawled like a baby for hours after), The Seeking Heart, and An Altar in the World.

I’m learning it’s this type of wisdom I desire: “But the wisdom that comes from heaven is first of all pure; then peace-loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere.” – James 3:17. Boom. Thanks for sharing this one, Jules.

How about you? What are you learning and loving?

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  1. I am loving stealing great ideas…and I am going to steal this, but I will link it over to your blog. Which means I will share all three of my readers with you. You’re welcome.

  2. I love how you share your heart, how God shows you things, and how you are able to communicate what you learn.. I thought i might know it all by now, at age 54, but quite the opposite.. Gods mercies are new every morning, so are the things he wants to teach us!!

  3. I’m learning to not be affected of other people’s opinions of me and being hurt by “friends” distancing themselves from me because I’ve lost a daughter

    1. Post

      Oh Mel. My heart feels for you. What a hard but beautiful truth you are discovering in finding your value in YOUR experiences, regardless of how others respond. I am so sorry about the loss of your daughter. Praying for peace and sweet memories of her this Christmas! xo

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