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If you were given $10 to creatively spread love and happiness to a friend or stranger, how would you choose to spend it?

Pay for the people behind you in line?
Surprise the local librarian with flowers?
Buy cookie ingredients and bake for the neighbors?

Our family was asked to participated in the #GiveTen Generosity Challenge, ECCU (Evangelical Christian Credit Union)’s movement that encourages people to find the most creative ways to share God’s love, $10 at a time. 

The #Give Ten Generosity Challenge is simple- how can we use $10 to bless someone? To show love in unexpected ways? And more importantly, how can our family (our sons especially) focus and take ownership toward giving, not just getting?  With $30 total, we each came up with our own ideas for how to spread cheer with $10.

We kinda want to do it everyday now!

tanner give 10

bek give 10

ty give 10

With 3 $10 bills in our pockets, we set out to embrace #GiveTen Generosity Challenge and act as secret elves to unsuspecting people. You guys, it.was.a.blast!

boys swing

knotts loot

Tanner chose to use his $10 to create a Joy Box for Ms. Knotts, his 1st Grade Teacher’s grandchildren. You must know, we adore Ms. Knotts, as Tanner had her last year for Kinder/1st grade combo and now again this year for 1st grade. We are hoping she’ll continue moving up with him until he’s in high school (#kiddingnotkidding). Recently, Ms. Knott’s son-in-law was deployed with the military, and her daughter moved from NC to CA to temporarily live with Ms. Knotts, where any additional help is welcomed with her two sons and daughter. The kids won’t see their daddy for Thanksgiving or Christmas, and as all parents know, raising children is hard enough, let alone, doing it solo. So Tanner wanted to use $10 to gather goodies for the kids and bring them some love, for what can potentially be a hard season without their dad.

And gosh, a part of my heart melted as he and Ty so carefully chose just the right toys for the boys and just the right amount of pink for the little girl. And the best part? They wholeheartedly embraced the #GiveTen Challenge in their unique ways. By coming up with who they wanted to love on, how they wanted to spend the $10, and hand-picking each Joy Box gift. I’m hopeful in the years to come, they will look back on this gift as one where giving truly was more memorable than receiving.




Ty chose to spread compassion with $10 by drumroll please… sharing donuts! What, you’re surprised? I mean, what 5 year old doesn’t want to buy donuts for the entire world? Okay, well, for however many donuts $10 will feed. Adam’s Ave. Donuts (also known as Derelicts Donuts) is within walking distance from our Huntington Beach house. On Saturday mornings, from 6-9am, it becomes the home of “the largest and most well-known casual hot rod gathering in the world,” right there in the parking lot. Locals say people fly in from all over the world to see the classic cars. Our neighbor, Bill, brings his old Studebaker and hangs out with his buddies and enjoys life-changing tigertail donuts.

It was to the “donut guys” we explained our participation in the #GiveTen Generosity Campaign and Ty, holding his blue and yellow sprinkled donut, asked, “Can you pay for the next people that come get a donut until the $10 runs out?” Their faces lit up, and the boys and I enjoyed our sprinkled, maple bar, and cronut treats while guest after guest walked out with huge grins, a few stopping to say “Thank You.” One woman leaned in close to us and smiled, “I’m going to pass it on,” to which Ty boldly shouted, “Give Ten!”

love God

The final #GiveTen Generosity Challenge inspiration fell into my lap. And like so much of life, I felt humbled and excited to scoop it up and offer it back to someone who is loving and giving and pouring herself out to their 5-month-old triplet girls! Yes, you read that right. The sweetest, yummiest, oh-I-could-eat-them-up triplets! Her husband, a rockstar therapist, was working late, and she reached out for help with the dinner feedings and I jumped at the chance. With my $10, I knew there was no one I’d rather gift tangible outwardness to than a new mama who is rocking the grind of baby life, day in and day out. “What are you craving for dinner,” I asked? “Warm soup,” came her reply. As I handed the money over the counter in exchange for a hot bowl of potato broccoli soup, bread, and a chocolate baby bundt cake (because there is always, I repeat always room for dessert) I was the one blessed. That night I got to rock her sweet girls, hear her story, laugh as one, then two, then three little muncers drank and burped and met our eyes while they laid on their backs drifting to dreamland. When I walked out her door, knowing she’d sit down to a hot bowl of soup and sweets, my prayer was that she felt held by our Father, who is the true Giver of Good Gifts.


I invite you to join me in the #GiveTen Generosity Challenge. It’s going strong until December 16th. If you’re like us and live simply and maybe don’t have tons of “extra” but do have $10 or $20 or $30 and a heart to show Jesus’ love,  join this simple movement by loving others like Jesus loves us. $10 at a time.

Share your stories and pictures via social media using hashtag #GiveTen and be sure to share your experiences below on the comments AND on ECCU’s FB Page: @Evangelical Christian Credit Union for a chance to win $500!

ECCU helps fuel Christ-centered ministries worldwide by providing loans to churches, low-cost banking services to missionaries, and Christian organizations. I mean if you have to put your money somewhere, why not trust it with ECCU, the intersection of faith and financial planning?

Their invitation to participate in the #GiveTen Generosity Challenge was the perfect Christmas kick-off for our family, and our boys loved it.

“Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God.” – 1 John 4:7

{This post is sponsored by ECCU. Opinions are my own.}

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  1. Bekah! I love this idea!! I’m totally going to join you! I’ll keep you posted:). Also live your sign and coffee cups hanging. I’m heading out to So Cal in Feb we MUST catch up, I’d love to see your home too. Miss you!! I’m so thankful for you & your friendship. When are you speaking at MOPS in San Clemente, maybe I’ll be there and can sneak in:) xxoo

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