Practicing Thankfulness in the Waiting

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It seems we’re all waiting.

Waiting to grow up.
Waiting to hear about college applications.
Waiting to move out.

Some, waiting to fall in love.
Others, waiting to fall back in love, feeling estranged to the spouse they share a bed with.
Some are waiting for any love at all.

Some are waiting, dancing back and forth on tiptoes to watch tiny lines that indicate pregnancy.
Then waiting still.
Some are waiting for the call to say there’s a foster match or an adoption opportunity.
Others are waiting on the clock, counting down the hours, minutes, sometimes seconds ’til little ones settle in for the night.

Others are waiting for these crazy kids to move out already.

We are all waiting.

For the offer on a house.
For God to show up.
For the right timing to switch careers, or get a Masters, or retire.

This weekend Bryan spoke to a group of foster kids about how to find a grateful perspective, not just in this season, but everyday. These are young men and women who are waiting for their life to get better.

Practicing thankfulness in the waiting is by far the hardest place for me.

How about you?

There’s something about that middle space, after getting over the hump of starting but nowhere near the put a pretty bow on it end, where, gosh, I get fidgety.


Waiting, Friends, is a beautiful invitation to practice thankfulness.

Instead of checking off days or counting down the clock, I’m searching. Peering through a veil and focusing on the good, only to discover how Holy Spirit glimmers echo among the average ho-hum of today.

Over a dinner date of sweet and saucy brussel sprouts with peppery sausage and pork belly sliders, Bryan and I thought about the season we currently reside in.

It’s one of waiting.


The activator, the let’s get this show on the road side of my temperamant wants to

When I find myself waiting – anxious and wanting answers, a resolution, a plan – I’m practicing thankfulness.

Because thankfulness has an abrupt way of turning my perspective from ‘Me’ to ‘He.’

And most of life, I’m finding, is experienced in the waiting.

So why not claim gratitude for miracles in the normal of mundane pauses?

If you find yourself in a season of waiting, may I encourage you to practice thankfulness? To take your unresolved hopes and resolve to simply say, “I’m thankful for __________,” naming them one by one. Big and small.

Before we know it, waiting doesn’t seem ambiguous, for it’s here we learn to anticipate the unknown with a thankful perspective.

One that starts in the waiting.

Even if it’s in line at the DMV.

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  1. I missed this post somehow but am glad I caught up. I completely agree, it’s so easy to get lost in the waiting but I’m learning that the journey is truly everything.

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