3 Truths and a Lie

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“How was school today, guys?” I’m nodding like an eager puppy with a ball. Only to meet one blank, wait, yep, one blank son stare. The other son volunteers every detail of each classmate at decimal 10. I’ll let you guess which boy.

“So school?” I ask.

Parent friends, you know how this drill goes: The eye roll. The standard response. We send them off at 8am (ish) and apparently they do “nothing” all day. But don’t worry- it was “good.” Do they grunt with their friends on the blacktop and in reading centers, too?

Months of blank stares called for creativity and Bryan came up with the brilliant idea of ‘3 Questions.’ We get to ask three specific questions about their day (What letter did you learn about? Who did you play with at recess? Funniest thing that happened?) and then they are free to mumble and ninja fight their way through the rest of the evening. Ironically, once they start answering, it leads to normal conversation. After their turns, they hand the game back to us. We’re all learning and sharing and lying laughing about our day.

It’s a Christmas miracle, friends.

After doing this for a year, my mom caught on and upped the bar by adding ‘3 Truths and a Lie’ the oldy but goody ice-breaker game of sharing four nuggets, one of them a lie.

The boys dig it. Every day we jump in the car, Ty starts. One finger at a time until his pinky holds the final clue. “Which one isn’t true?” he laughs.

“Please tell me Colby didn’t throw up on your desk.”

Last week we perched at the kitchen table, Ty shoveling food into his starving piehole, while I searched for my fourth clue.

He leans in close, two tiny divets dimpling the corners of his mouth. With a hand on my shoulder, he knowingly questions, “Mom, are you thinking of your lie?”

Dang. He knows me too well.

I shared this story at a recent women’s luncheon and grinned when days later, my inbox shared this story from Traci, a fellow “I just-want-to-talk-with-my-kid” soul.

Last night over dinner we played 3 truths/1 lie. Found out my son had iPod center today, had math and double math for the day, read a story about the pilgrims, played soccer with Carlos and someone else until some girl started chasing him, and he didn’t pull a card.  All this after he told me “I dunno” when I straight asked him when I got home. – Traci

If you’re ready to gouge your eyes out from blank stares and “I dunno’s,” try ‘3 Truths and a Lie.’ And be prepared to find out what a great communicator/ fibber you’ve got on your hands.

Please share your stories in the comments below. ‘Cuz we all need a good laugh on a Monday.

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  1. Brilliant.. I just shared with Katie, ( 2nd grade teacher) and let her know she may want to share this with her parents.. What a fun and creative way to hear about your kids day!!!.. Love it.. xox

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