Celebrating his Way

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After a plethora of throwing, attending, and planning parties, I’ve found the key to enjoy our son’s birthday : Celebrate his way.

As in, “Ty, what do YOU want to do for your birthday party? Who do you want to invite?  How do you want to spend your time?”

To which he responded, with a wave of his hand, “Mom, put up one finger.” I hold up my pointer.

“First,” Ty bobs his head, “we are having soccer practice in the front yard.”

Naturally, I think. I mean, of course.

“Second. Mom, put up another finger. We are having ‘art time.'”
Visions of paper and crayons and stickers dance in my head.

“Then,” Ty continues, as if he’s been thinking about this for months, “Mom. Put up a third finger. We’ll come inside and have chocolate chip pancakes for dinner. With whipped cream.”(Is there any other way?) “But first,” he waves his finger at my nose. “First we have to eat fruit.”

“Yes sir. Ty sir.”

“After pancakes… Mom, your 4th finger.” (and this is where I fall more in love with this kid by the day) My pinky flies in the air. “After pancakes, CROWDS of people will sing Happy Birthday to me.” I’ve lost Ty at this point. He’s daydreaming about his name being sung by the masses, thousands, droves.

Sweet boy. “How many people are you inviting?”

“Hmmmm. Ten.”


“Finally,” Ty waves five fingers in the air for me to follow. “At the end, I will open my birthday presents.” To which he sits down as if party planning took every ounce of creative energy to explain.

And that’s exactly how our boy celebrated his 5th birthday party. His way.

He accompanied Bryan to the store and carried the pancake mix and syrup. He chose the fruit we had to eat “before we ate pancakes.” He selected the most obnoxious balloon plates and napkins, gave “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” for the playlist, and got out the soccer ball. Outside, he helped me cover tables with paper and laid out crayons and stickers for “art time.” On the counter he joined Bryan and stirred pancake batter and poured cup after cup of chocolate chips in. “Which candle do you want?,” I asked. “This one,” he pulled a gold candle from the jar in our china hutch.

Do you know how fun it is to throw a party our boy planned?

ty bday

ty bday 1

ty bday 2

From start to finish, Ty led soccer practice, blowing his whistle and advising the older boys to let the younger kids have a chance at the ball. He ushered friends to the back where crayons and paper and stickers awaited before piled balloon plates fed sweaty, hungry mouths and extra squirts of whipped cream washed down chocolate chip pancake bites. And just as he’d hoped for, “crowds sang” and then he opened presents.

But not before ten sweet kid voices joined the Pogue tradition of affirming and celebrating the birthday boy. A surprise, we could tell he was okay with, for his rosy cheeks served as the bookends to a bashful, take-it-all-in smile.

Feel free to leave the birthday boy a message in the comments below and I’ll read them aloud to his “crowd-loving” ears.


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{Video Credit: Brian Rottschafer}

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  1. Ty-Ty you are one of my favorite people in the entire world, and I love you like a son. Your laugh is one of the sweetest sounds I have ever heard. I love you buddy! Happy birthday! – G

  2. I hope you had the best day ever Ty! You are an amazing kid and party planner! Love and miss you! Hope to see you soon! Mrs. Akers
    Ps I want to come see one of your soccer games:)

  3. Ty, that was the coolest birthday party planned by YOU !!!
    Happy Happy Birthday!
    All of your plans were so great… Don and Marlyn

    1. Ty, I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting you in person, but I know your mama and grammie very well. They are two of the most precious friends I have been blessed to have. But……..because I know them so well, I feel like I know you also. I hear so many cool things about you. I so enjoyed hearing what an awesome party you planned and loved seeing the pictures from your party. Great party planning and so glad you had a super time with your friends. With love from clear across the country in North Carolina, Miss Nancy

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