A Little Girl’s Great Questions

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{I wrote this story several years ago on a retreat. Surrounded by nature, it sort of just poured out. I forgot about it until last week, when I came across the scribbled pages. I hope this story brings a smile to your face today.}


A Little Girl’s Great Questions

Under a reaching, feathery tree, a little girl sits with her mama. They rest upon a patchwork quilt while the leaves above wave.

Mama, the little girl asks, How do I know God is real if I can’t see Him?

That, my love, is a great question. The mom hugs her daughter and points North. You see those bright green leaves dancing in the wind? The Lord paints each one and sends the wind so they dance for us. 

Mama, how can I hear God if He doesn’t speak like you?

Another great question, the mama smiles. Listen. They perch still and quiet. In the breeze, God’s Spirit hums. A gentle, safe whoosh. And when you pay attention, He speaks truth here, her mama points to her heart.

Mama, what does food taste like to God?

Great question, the mama reaches inside her bag and pulls out a shiny red fruit. God created every flavor and whenever we bite into an apple or lick a chocolate ice cream cone- she winks at her daughter- we taste a a part of His creativity, and I wonder if He does too. 

The little girl lets out a content sigh.

Mama, what does God smell like?

Great question. The mama outlines the shape of the quilt. Close your eyes and breathe in deep. What do you smell? The little girl lifts her head and the lines around her cheeks crinkle. Her small frame expands.

I smell the grass, and your perfume, and flowers.

That, my love, is because God created all those smells and His fragrance echoes His creation. 

Mama, the girl asks after some time, what does God feel like?

Hmmm. What a great, great question. The mama pauses, then speaks. God feels like a big, safe hug, and as she says it, the mama wraps her daughter in a warm embrace.

The little girl and her mama stand up to fold the quilt.

Do you see that Mama? It’s God dancing in the leaves.
Do you hear that? It’s God whispering in the breeze.
I taste Him, she delights in a crunchy apple bite.
Mama, you smell that? In the grass, and your perfume, and the flowers, there God is.
And I especially feel Him, she smiles, in this big, safe hug.

~ The End ~


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