When God Shows Up

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Sometimes I forget how God wants to show up.

In the midst of dirty dishes and dust bunnies and whiny for the love, when does school start, children? hours. Sometimes I dismiss the personal ways He is inviting me to lift my head or bend my knees or crane my ear to hear Him.

His heart is to invade today, to demonstrate how Real He is.

And so often I get in the way.

I complain, God did this to me, or God isn’t listening, but I wonder if it’s the other way around? Perhaps God didn’t create this problem but is asking to meet me in it?

Yesterday I woke to a friend’s text, a specific prayer, and it was like jumping into a refreshing pool on a scorching day. You see, I’d been praying for encouragement and direction and God answered. Through a friend.

I was wondering who to talk with and suddenly, there she was, reaching out. So I asked if she had a couple minutes I could process aloud.

Yes, came her response.

Her words -gosh – God is just so personal when He uses our people to speak His words.

And I’ll share with you what she told me, in hopes they offer you encouragement today. I know I needed them, and good friends do that. They give you truth you didn’t know you need, but can’t stop thinking about.

She told me that I’m the Author of the story God has placed inside me. And you, friend? You are the Author of the story God has placed in you. Our stories look different and they are equally beautiful and necessary and true. She reminded me when I think it’s all been said, to say it again, in this version. And so, friends, if you think your voice doesn’t matter, take heart. Your story will reach souls that no one else can touch. Souls He wants to use you to show up through.

She reminded me when inspiration sparks from a space of rest and prayer and seeking wise counsel, it comes from a good place, a holy place. When we make decisions from anxiety, hurried, rapid-fire thoughts, seldom have we given God time to saturate in them first. When we settle into His rythym, His stirrings pave paths, that even if untread, are true. Do you find yourself in need of knowing which path to take?There’s such power in knowing direction must be sought in prayer, rest, and wisdom. I’ve recounted her words like a billion times since yesterday.

And before we hung up, I asked her, How can I help you feel valued these days? 

Keep leaving those voice memo thingies, she said. I listen to them over and over. When you get a stirring for me, please let me know.

And then yesterday morning, a friend nestled next to me at church and her head hunkered low to meet mine and she prayed the sweetest words of direction and encouragement and I felt so dang humbled and loved and seen, and I can’t help but wonder if you could use encouragement, a form of Him showing up today, too.

When you are in need of encouragement, seek Him first. But then you know what else I find brave? I get real honest with Him and ask if He would please show up through others- whoever He wants to use, because sometimes we just need verbal words and a physical hand on our knee or a laugh through the phone.

Do you know how much He wants to remind you of your worth? It is brave – not selfish – to ask Him to meet you where you no longer want to take yourself.

Encouragement is always good for the soul and I’m praying extra doses upon you today.

Let me know how He shows up, will you?



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