The best is the one you’re Living

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On our way back from scouting beaches, Bry zoomed from Wailea to our Kihei condo. It was like watching a teenager in a convertible, the way he took the turns you would have thought he was driving a porsche.

Never mind we’d named our compact rental Billy, the Black Ninja.

You wanna get a car like this one, don’t you? I joked with Bry.

Yep. He’s got pep, my hubby grinned.

We got to talking about how it’s getting closer to needing a car with a 3rd row. The boys are at the ages where they each want to take friends with us, and with school carpool and soccer season ahead, it’s time.

Should we sell both cars and get a used 3 row car and a tiny put-put, or sell one car and drive the other one into the ground? I thought aloud.

The best car is always the one you’re driving, he shrugged.

Funny how one sentence can still me to silence.

How true. The best car is the one we’re driving. The one we own. The one that’s paid off.

But it doesn’t end at cars. No, I often want to trade other things in for bigger and better. Our house, our lifestyle, our (ahem, truth be told) kids.

Guess what?

The best car is the one I’m driving.
The best job
is the one I’m working at.
The best family is the one I have.
The best home is the one we live in.
The best spouse is the one I’m married to.
The best kids are the ones we are raising.
The best wardrobe is the one in my closet.
The best meal is the one before me.
The best talent is the one God gave me.

Does this shift your perspective? Does it help draw your eyes from out there, over yonder to right here, right now?

Sometimes I need words like my husband’s to remind me of how very beautiful and blessed the everyday details of today are.

After all, the very best life is the one I am living.

The one you are living.

Let’s live our lives on purpose, shall we?



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  1. Amen. So true and such an important reminder in my world that always tries to distract with the lie that it isn’t.

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