Coming back from Vacation

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Yesterday we boarded a plane and waved goodbye to an incredibly peaceful and beyond fun week in Maui.

The day before, I felt it coming- the vacation wind down ensuing mental preparation needed to enter back into the real world.

During our last evening on the island, Bryan and I grabbed a corner table, while locals sang their version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow and a middle-aged woman videoed the entire thing while humming and swaying along, we enjoyed (okay, inhaled) Hula Pie drenched in fudge and whipped cream. We considered licking the plate before the waitress came.





We talked about how thankful we are to come home rejuvenated, and how, after 11 years, we are still learning, asking questions and getting to know one another. We agreed seven days without kids recharged us toward feeling more creative, more present, more grateful. And we talked about what we are most looking forward to as we come home.

I imagine coming home after being on vacation, there are fondnesses and feelings similar to that of looking back on life and plucking prized memories and moments.

Life is so much like preparing for a vacation. The planning, the saving, the anticipation at arriving. Then during vacation, we realize while the setting is more picturesque, the food more unique, the opportunities to rest and play are more plentiful, we are still the same goofy people with the same personalities, problems, and dreams, just a tad more tan and full-bellied from eating too much poke. Before we know it, the day arrives to head home, and you know what we look forward to?

I bet it’s similar to what we value when looking back on our lives.

Our kids. Our people. Our beds and gardens and local donut shop with the owner who knows our order.

When I look back at my life, faces of people who taught me another facet of God’s character will shine brightest in my mind. I’ll smile at tropical drives and shaved ice for lunch and that one time what happened in Maui stayed in Maui, but the faces. Those shining faces.

Coming back from Maui, it’s the faces I long to see.

In anticipation of coming home, and I’m sure it’ll be this way when I look back at life too, there weren’t hopes for a bigger house or fancier car. I didn’t think twice about missing out on FB updates after being unplugged for a week. Being rich or famous or planning the coolest parties didn’t cross my mind.

No, it’s the faces. The ones I missed. The ones who remind me how beautiful it is to be human and broken and in need of grace.

And today, when two boys plowed into our room and jumped on our beds, we know what coming back from vacation and looking back at the end our lives will have in common.

Some of our favorite faces.

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  1. Amen…. Its all about the faces… Those who love us, those we love, those who encourage and those you know are there, even when your not with them. I love you.. I love your writings.. So glad you had a great week.. Cant wait to hear more.. xoxoxo

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