The sun will Come

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As guests tip-toed through ribbons of muddy grounds and held programs above their heads, a majestic oak tree cried joyful tears. Below her sprawly strong limbs, friends and family sat on white chairs and huddled close under colorful umbrellas. The last time it dumped buckets on the July date at Fallbrook’s Circle Oak Ranch was 17 years ago. I mean, who doubts an outdoor wedding in July?

I’m not sure if it was hugging Ty while he squirmed to take in every detail of his first wedding, or the rich, damp fragrance of rain and ground combined. Perhaps it was the nostalgia of country and familiar faces and how peacefully the unexpected weather enhanced the sweet soundtrack, but when Katie stepped onto the path in her wedding gown on her father’s elbow, my own tears fell.

From far back they began the long stroll toward Miss Oak Tree in all her graciousness, and for a split second, father and daughter’s eyes connected, then all smiles as they tilted their heads back, soaked in the drops, and breathed in the moment.

The ceremony was a whisper of perfection and somewhere along the pastor’s, “This is a historic day to get married,” and “I do’s,” the Oak ceased her tears and clouds drew their curtains open.




It was after cocktails and cornhole, after delicious bbq dinner, when the dance floor was full and crowds gathered to roast s’mores, after hours without rain hinting a storm had brewed all day, that Bryan spoke with Jeff, the father of the bride.

“When Katie saw the weather report showing it was supposed to rain the day of the wedding, she had faith it would be what it was supposed to be,” Jeff told him. “She didn’t choose the outdoor venue to put a giant tent on the grass. ‘It’ll be fine,’ she told me. She was confident the sun would come. And even if it rained all day, we’d hold umbrellas and it would still be great.”

And it had. At the moment Katie and Jordan became husband and wife, the rain ceased.

You see, the sun will come.
It always follows the rain.

If you are in a situation where it feels cloudy and muddy and you are tempted to pitch tents and run for cover, have faith.
Trust His timing.
Trust what He’s stamped on your heart.
Trust that the rain is essential to new birth, new life, new beginnings.

And when the sun comes, it will shine on your glittering cheeks.
Much awaited.

With your roots stronger, just like the majestic oak tree’s.


{Cover photo: Shillawna Ruffner Photography}





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  1. This was SO beautifully written. I feel like you captured this day and I got to experience it for a moment. Katie is so beautiful inside and out. I wanted to be there to see her be married, but sadly a medical emergency kept me from attending. Thank you for writing this ♡

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