A Birthday Letter to our 7 year old Son

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Dear Tanner,

On your 7th birthday, here are 7 ways I want to be like you when I grow up:


1. You have the gift of observance. You were four -maybe five – months old and ever-so-aware of sweatshirt strings, colors, and sounds. And it’s continued. You invite me to pause and look in front of me. Remember on our Saturday run, when you yelled, “Mom, stop. Come here.” You waved me to peer down at the wash and pointed to a mama duck and her five, tiny-feathered babes. Not sure why that was one of my favorite memories of the day, but probably because you pause to see beauty in everything.

2.You ask awesome questions and aren’t afraid to. How do I know there is a God? Where do babies come from? Why? How come? What do you think, mom and dad? How old were you when you________? They come, one stacked upon another, and at the driver’s seat is a thirst for curiosity and learning and valuing how different opinions inspire you. Keep asking, T.

3. You are a really great friend and a rockstar brother. You know the other night when we were going through old photos and videos? Do you know what we noticed once Ty came on the scene? Almost every picture with both of you in it, your arm is around him, or near him. You are the best type of protective- not overbearing, but safe when needed. You would give him the shirt off your back and your favorite anything. And you’d do that for your friends too. I know, because I saw how much change was missing from your piggy bank and how many popsicles you bought your schoolmates at recess.


4. You are one of the goofiest people I know. At first glance, those who don’t’ know you may think you’re shy, but turn on the music and offer you a stage and you are ON. You remind me of my dad- quiet in certain circles, but when the moment awaits- out comes the entertainment. Please don’t ever stop singing and mimicking movie characters and making us laugh. You are pure joy. May we all throw caution to the wind and play like you do.

5. You are honest. You share when you don’t agree, when you’re upset, and about how you feel. You’ve told us (many times) “Listen, I want you to hear this,” and launch into a heart-felt explanation. When you talk, I want to hear what you have to say.


6. You are a quiet leader. You don’t yell to get your way. You lead with integrity and perserverence. When you joined your school’s running club, guess who motivated half their class to join too? YOU! You have a un-intimidating way of wooing others toward a common goal and you do so with humble words and pure encouragement. And when you get really passionate, it comes out. And it’s awesome!

7. Your freckles. Need I say more?

tannner 6

Happy Birthday Tanner! Gosh, 7 years old! That number sounds so big, so complete. You make our hearts happy, and we LOVE watching you become who God created you to be! {Even if you claim you’re never getting married.}

And yes, I will give you embarrassing smooches and hair tousles for as long as I can.

I adore you,





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  1. A very touching article. Its beautiful how you try to make everyday a celebration no matter what. You’re a true inspiration Jane
    Oh, and advance birthday wishes Tanner I’m sure you’ll grow up to be a great person like your parents!


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