Father’s Day Q & A with my main Man

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With the boys collapsed in their bunks, Bryan and I sat, our legs overlapped like apple pie lattice, criss-crossed and comfortable.

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We had welcomed the first day of summer climbing beach rocks, eating sand-covered peanut butter and honey sandwiches and staying in our bathing suits all.day.long. For dinner we grilled burgers with thick melted squares smothered in homemade bbq sauce, washed down with Moscow mules. The boys jumped for what seemed all afternoon on our trampoline as the coastal fog disappeared and the sun danced in celebration. We had nowhere to be and it was glorious. Slowly the grass soaked up shade, out came the fire-pit, and on our small, flea-marketed side tables, I set up the makings of s’mores. Minutes later, the four of us grinned, “Do I have anything on my face?”

It was Ty who couldn’t hold the laughter. Up to his cheeks, on his elbows, in his hair were marshmallow ribbons, chocolate strings. Graham cracker crumbs dotted his kissable lips. Our family hovered near the peaceful fire – close and happy tired.

Boys now asleep, here we sit. Bry’s eyes smiling.

I’m thinking about Father’s Day. About everything it means. About him. About my own dad. And I figure, there’s no better man to ask his perspective of Dad dreams than Bry.



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So join us as I ask and he shares and we sit in the sweetness of how our children have and will forever change us.

What do you love about being a dad?

I enjoy spending time with our boys. Playing basketball and doing science projects, playing soccer outside. Even grabbing donuts is fun when I’m with them.

What are 5 truths you want our sons to know?

1. That they can always talk to me.
2. My love for them is greater than anything they ever do or achieve.
3. How to laugh. At themselves. At mistakes. At life.
4. To be willing to take risks.
5. I want them to be confident in who God created them to be.

When you’re 80, and you look back on your life, what do you want our boys to remember about you?

That they enjoyed being with me. Regardless of what was happening – in the good and the bad- that I was real with them and taught them how to be real with God.

How are you going to handle the awkward conversations?
{We laugh because these talks happen on a daily basis}

Normalize them. Don’t act surprised. {To which we erupt in more laughter}

What’s your encouragement to future dads?

Providing doesn’t always mean going to work and collecting a paycheck. To be a provider means to have a home where our kids feel safe and welcome. To provide a place where they can be real. It’s not just about giving them clothes and a roof and opportunities, but creating an environment they can hear from God and be themselves.

Any last words, babe? 

I want s’more. S’more of you.

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Happy Father’s Day to you all! Hope a part of it is covered in s’mores 🙂
~ The Pogue Fam





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