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God, make me tender
Strong, but not hard
Confident yet humble
Sassy yet sweet
And with a pliable, teachable will

God, make me tender
With eyes to see others the way You do
and a heart filled up to pour out love love love

God, make me tender
In a way that the older I get, the more I recognize how little I know, and how much I need You

God, make me tender
Use my passions and voice and words and soul to reflect you in thousand ways
like a prism hung in a windowsill
catching Your light to display vibrant colors and patterns and grace beams

God, make me tender
With faith like my boys and a quickness to forgive and a thirst for creativity

And may tenderness root a fragrant offering
even in the dirt, in the pruning, in the changing seasons
to bring forth beauty and belonging
of your beloved.


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