5 Ways to Simply CELEBRATE others Well

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CELEBRATING!!!! is my word for the year. Cue confetti, disco balls, chocolate-dunked laughter, and loud tunes vibrating off vividly adorned walls. It’s celebratin’ time. Celebrating Myself. You. New relationships. Old friends. Our growth. Our faith. Our desire to move through the mess and see Him in the details.

Back in January, I wrote myself a birthday letter (enjoy it here) because why not? When speaking at various groups, I’ve shared it aloud, to remind women that you, my dear, are SO deserving of celebration. Because in the middle of dirty dishes and bills and laundry piles and beautiful moments, we need to know we are celebrated for simply being. For existing. For feeling human and all that comes with it.

And yes, celebrating is always appreciated in lavish ways with giant four-tiered fudge cakes drizzled with raspberry puree and a glass of bubbles, but what are simple, tangible ways we can celebrate ourselves and others in the day-to-day?

5 Ways to Simply CELEBRATE Others Well

1. “Say my name, say my name.” As Destiny’s Child so eloquently put it, saying someone’s name really does hold power. There’s significance in remembering someone’s name, whether it’s greeting them at work, a social setting, or church by their first name. If not, I hear “Dude” is still acceptable, said no one ever.

2. Send a spontaneous text or written letter with an encouraging reminder of, Hey, I’m thinking of you and praying for you and YOU MATTER! My friend Stacie is incredible at this, I’m convinced she spends half her paycheck on stationary ‘cuz the girl writes I’m just thinking of you notes to people all the time. It’s like receiving a hug via text or in the mail. Smack dab in the middle of a crazy day, cheer-worthy words are sometimes all we need.

3. Give someone the benefit of the doubt and remind them you are on their team. I’ve been told I can make assumptions (something I’m working on) and so when I begin making an ass of my thoughts, I turn it outward and verbalize, I am for you. I am on your team. Part of celebrating means believing the best in one’s motives, from all directions, from 360 degrees. And living from that belief.

4. Ask them how they feel valued. So often we celebrate or love people the way we want to be validated, but what happens if you find their eyes, and ask them, How do you feel valued? And then intentionally value the snot out of ’em 🙂

5. Take a cue from Jesus and scatter wrongs as far as the East is from the West. We can’t celebrate if we are too busy criticizing. Grace. Grace. Grace, friends. It’s a ripple affect and wouldn’t you rather splash about in grace waters than drown in evaluation?

6. Bonus: Leave someone feeling more known and seen. It’s amazing what a tiny question can lead to. Remember a detail from the last time you talked with that person and ask about it.

I’m joining you along the way!

~ Bekah



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