Reading Nook Recs: Praying Upside Down

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Let it be said that when I was in elementary school, I informed my mom, “One day, I’m going to get married in the library.” To which, she no doubt, probably smiled and suppressed laughter. Let’s be honest friends, no wedding of mine could have been contained in a please keep your voices down setting.

It’s just that I’m obsessed with books. New ones. Old ones. Short reads. Mammoth, three feet thick monsters. They fly in my hands the moment we step foot in a vintage shop, flea market, or garage sale. No control, I tell you. No freakin’ self control. I’m like Veruca Salt in Willy Wonka, but instead of wanting an oompa-loompa, books books books! Last week Em offered to share a book on her Kindle and I gave her those crazy eyes, like, What’s a kindle? Must touch and underline and smell imagination pouring from every letter, please!


So to celebrate this delicious obsession, which I’ve unashamedly passed on to our boys and my sweet hubby, who indulges me at every bookstore we pass, I bring you Reading Nook Recs, found on my Instagram feed, a place to share our favorite books- anything from Christian Living, children’s literature, fabulous fiction, authors, quotes – Tanner, Ty, Bryan, and yours truly approved. If you’re a reader, please join the fun! You can follow me here and leave witty, sassy comments whenever you please. Or just order the current Reading Nook Recs and send me cinnamon rolls as a thank you!

As a part of the Blythe Daniel Agency, I have the coolest opportunity to read books before they are released and last week they sent me Praying Upside Down by Kelly O’Dell Stanley. Hear me now: Stop drinking coffee and checking your email, and order this book pronto! In two days I devoured it- such a fresh, new perspective on prayer. The boys asked me, Is it really about standing on your head and praying? And that’s the creative tilt, this read dives into looking at prayer from a completely different vantage point, turning it upside down, if you will. In addition, she offers Prayer Palette, an intentional, art-worthy exercise to encounter God. Kelly says, “Jesus was known for turning situations upside down and He will do the same in your prayer life.” I’ll add to life in general. 

As a graphic designer and art lover, Kelly shares personal, real ways to experience God in the day-to-day. I love her words: “Praying upside down is any way that God shakes you out of your comfort zone. Any way He opens your eyes. It’s whatever helps you see Him and His active presence in the events of your days. It’s a new perspective, an attitude of exploration, the wonder and marvel of sacred revelation.”

She offers gold nuggets to ponder and take to heart: “God’s answers to our prayers may seem upside down. He may ask you to forgive, even if you are the one who is wronged. He may ask you to become the wife your husband needs, rather than turning your husband into the man you always dreamed of. He may not save your job, but He might give you the time you’ve always needed to learn more about Him, or free your schedule to finish the renovation in your kitchen. He might not deliver you from poverty but instead teach you how to budget, balance, and take care of what He’s provided. Or He may show you that even if you have very little, when you can find ways to give what you do have, you will feel wealthy.”

Right? Powerful stuff. I found myself underlining, and recognizing ways I’ve been praying upside down before I knew it had a cool phrase. I think of the season our youngest was bringing out the crazy evil mommy in me, and one night I prayed for God to change Him, and instead, God changed my outlook by saying, “He will be your kid that tries to push your buttons. Continue to love him. Love him. Love him.” This, is upside down praying- taking our circumstance and allowing God to turn them around, and seeing them from a creative angle or different view. His view.

Since you’re already on your computer or mobile shindig, hop on over to Amazon and order Praying Upside Down here. I know you’ll love it. And then email me so we can chat about it.

And get excited for more Reading Nook Recs (#readingnookrecs) to come. Are there any must-reads you are currently gobbling up? Yes, I know about Knuffle Bunny. That’s a given people. But really, please do share.

Monday love to you all!

~ The crazy lady who considered saying “I Do” in the library.


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