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If you are a new Upcycled Jane reader, there’s a pivotal part of my story you may not know. Or at least not all of it. It’s not my whole story, but a loss volcano that erupted suddenly- searing and disruptive- serving as the catalyst to foundational faith, freedom, peace, and the most authentic joy that I thought only existed in Pollyanna-type movies.

It’s the story of loss. About losing my dad. But more than that, it’s the story of God using grief to invite me into a walk-by-faith, real-time relationship with Him. And I wouldn’t trade the pain or suffering for a moment, because through loss (a control-freaks’s worst nightmare) is where I first truly honestly began experiencing God. Where the God I used to read about, but somehow couldn’t connect from my head to my heart, became the Jesus I know.

As my Dad’s 2nd Heavenarsary approaches, I invite you to stroll down memory lane with me as I share six intimate journal entries from the day of my dad’s stroke (March 26, 2013), to when he met His Creator (April 2, 2013). It’s the hopeFULL story of loss and  “new life” and even if you have yet to lose someone, you’ll relate to miracles, community, humor in the midst of pain, and honest emotions.

Are you craving hope? Experiencing loss (in any way)? Want a front-row seat into my personal faith journey? Then, please come. And invite your friends. The invitation is for all.

The goal is to celebrate an incredible man, to offer a glimpse into my deeper faith story, and ultimately, to inspire you into an awareness of how God uses volcanoes- fiery and painful- as a catalyst to make something beautiful and transformative in your own life.

See you tomorrow.

He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end. – Ecclesiastes 3:11


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