Happy Friday and Giveaway Winner

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High five and hugs all-around, Friends, because woot! the weekend is almost upon us! So close I can almost taste the chocolate croissants our fam is going to devour tomorrow morning. Oh breakfast foods, have I told you lately how much I adore you?

Okay, I am loving your comments and thoughts; it’s so fun to interact with you on this growing Upcycled Jane space. If only it could be in person. Over chocolate croissants of course. Ah, there it goes again- darn Breakfast Obsession Syndrome.

Thanks for joining this week’s Giveaway. Congratulations to Shelley Smith! You are the winner and will be receiving a copy of Mothering from Scratch. Please email me with your address and let us know how the book inspires you.

Here’s to a weekend of loving without expectations, or shall we call it, Reckless Love.

“For some reason, we often hold back with this love of ours. Whether our spouses or children, our friendships, or God, there is a vulnerable, quite scary feeling that if we love fully, we may not be loved that way in return. And the reality is, we may not. We may offer our entire hearts, our arms and homes and words wide open, only to be met with ambivalence, rolled eyes, rejection or silence. Is that a reason not to love? On the contrary, Jesus calls us to love our enemies, so how much greater should our affection and actions be with those treasured in our lives?” …read more here.

Lots of love from the Pogue Cottage {including Tucker} to you!

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