Dear Birthday Girl

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For as long as I can remember, I’ve written birthday letters to my hubby and boys. In them, I pen dreams and wishes, celebrating the sparkly lights they shine in our home and beyond.

And this year I decided to write myself a birthday letter. Because I’m emerging from a dark December and want to celebrate myself more and self-loathe less. And because why not?


Dear Birthday Girl,

I wish for this to be the year your more fully understand how wide and long and high and deep is Jesus’ love for YOU. And may you believe it deep down in your gut and LIVE from this space. I’ll let you sit in that truth for, like, 20 minutes. While eating a mimosa cupcake of course!

I wish for you to know that whether people surround, or you stand alone, you are of great worth.

I pray you will ask people their story wherever you go, and remember that you have a story to tell. May your main characters always be truth and love.

I pray in the moments you experience the most joy, to add them to your memory bank, and pull them out on hard days.

I wish for you to continue being vulnerable, and when you find yourself getting “in your head” that you will seek truth, text a friend, or start baking because those things are life-giving for you.

I wish for you to laugh at yourself more. Because that means you are risking and possibly failing in the process. But risking nonetheless.

I pray for ridiculously amazing hair days when you’re PMSing.

I hope when you are tempted to beat yourself up, instead you’ll grab a piece of chocolate, and say out loud, I am fearfully and fabulously made.

I wish for you to experience a life worth looking back on.

I wish for your to hear Him through a megaphone, notice artistry in hopeless places, and taste life in grateful gulps. I wish for you to seek out people that feel unseen and scared and remind them that they’re not.

I wish for you to rest, and nap, and go lip-gloss and shoe shopping for no reason at all. I wish for you to book binge whenever you please.

I wish for you to dance – not crawl- forward. And on the days you crawl, I hope you pour buckets of grace on yourself. Because you are human.

I wish for you to emotionally spoil those boys of yours. And receive it when they do the same for you.

I wish for you to continue discovering who “your” people are to lean on, ask for prayer, help, wisdom, and dessert recipes. Because you do need them. And they need you.

I wish you champagne cheers, and picnic dinners, and mid-week movies, and laughing ’til you snort.

I wish for you to know when to turn off your brain, throw the fam in the car, head to the beach, and chase the sun.

I wish you crazy dancing with your hubby, and relentless flirting, and making out in the kitchen. Dirty dishes can wait.

I wish when self-critical thoughts peck, you will turn it outward. Grab a friend their favorite latte and pay them a visit.

I wish for you to pray when you want to complain and give when you want to wallow. And please, be gentle with yourself.

I wish for you to hold nothing back. Gate any doubts and soar.

I wish you bubble baths, and belonging, and honest conversations.

I pray every “I wish” will become “I’m thankful.”

I pray for you to love yourself as much as you love others.

I wish for you to know you are leaving your little mark on this big huge world just by being YOU. And I wish for you to celebrate that today.

Happy Birthday,



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  1. I think I do ok with celebrating myself ( I am a tigger personality so fun, fun, fun, fun fun!) BUT, I would LOVE to self-lothe LESS!! Thank you for your letter, your sharing and your heart Bekah!!

  2. I am so glad God made you!!! I’m a puddle and couldn’t have dreamed that up any better. I wish all that and more for you sweet friend. What a beautiful embrace of all God has given u to in turn glorify Him by leaving no dark corner hidden from His truth and light and being so reflective of that Light that you operate as a Lighthouse for the rest of us. I’m still trying to let the beauty of this soak in. Can I be like u when I grow up? Happy Birthday Bekah Jane. To say you are a gift is truly an understatement and it is the greatest joy to celebrate you.

  3. I love this.. i so needed to hear that myself.. What a great letter. I love how you communicate and i love how you listen and learn and share what the Lord has taught you!!!

  4. Happy Birthday, sweet friend!! Love this letter of wishes for yourself in this coming year. I pray it is a year of grace, wisdom, playfulness and joy. Cheers!

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  5. Oh Beks, I love this how did i miss this? I wrote myself my own letter last month and it was so helpful. you deserve all these hopes dreams, wishes and more. love!

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