Well hello 2015

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September seems like yesterday. Fall has that way about her; she begins the first stitch in the frantic season and they follow, one right after another, holidays melting together like a knit ombre sweater. From burnt orange Halloween into golden baked Thanksgiving, silver merges into Wintry Christmas and before we know it, hello 2015.

Feels like an hour ago we were unwrapping Christmas presents in our cozy pajamas, the floor littered with kraft paper and the boys setting up a new train set. How is it almost January?

Ready or not, hello 2015. A blank crisp canvas. What will the New Year hold?

Bry and I began a New Year’s tradition of dreaming vs. resolving last year and plan to make it a January 1st staple.

I’m all for setting plans and putting them into action, but something about the word resolution carries an obligatory weight, the thought tiring before I even attempt.

We are inspired about the idea of dreaming versus resolving because it woos us to see how God answers prayers and to celebrate when those dreams become a reality .

Our New Year’s Dream Tradition goes like this: we each open blank pages and number 1-10.  Last year it was a torn journal page. Maybe this year a napkin from wherever we land.

It’s time to dream. Individually and together.

Prompting Bry to hope and dream aloud for this New Year, I’ll write while he speaks. Graspable dreams. Lofty, off-in-the-future, goose-bump dreams. Don’t hold back. Just utter faith hopes into the air. 

The first eight lines fill.

Number 9 I write my dream for him.

And number 10, a dream together.

Then my turn. He’ll scribble as I talk with my hands. There will be chocolate involved at this point. And a glass of bubbles.

Eight dreams for 2015.

Silence as Bryan writes on the 9th line- his dream for me.

And 10, a trip I hope we take together one day.

Writing prayers, hopes, and dreams together livens something within us. It opens the door to an expectancy for God to personally meet us.

When thought internally, dreams are whimsical hopes. But say them aloud and put ink to paper and passion is born; a seed planted, much grander than simple resolutions or goals. No longer is it a coincidence or reactive decision, but a partnered perspective of boldly knowing remember, we have been praying about this, dreaming about this, and look- today is the day it came to fruition. 

Remember, we were praying for a son’s confidence to blossom?

Remember, we were  dreaming about finding a couple to mentor us?

Remember, we were hoping for this out-of-the-box opportunity at work?

Remember, we were wanting to take a trip there?

Here it is- this dream is coming true. It’s been on the list, let’s mark how long we’ve prayed for this moment.

Something sacred and beautiful happens when Bryan and I dream together. It moves from he and me to us.

Dreaming together anchors accountability.

Dreaming together adds fresh eyes to otherwise narrowed vantage points.

Dreaming together doubles joy at answered prayers and speaks truth at overlooked miracles.

Dreaming together invites the simple-seeker, the life-embracer. Grateful is the recipient of hard-earned opportunities coupled with diligent work.

And I know that includes dreams, hopes, and prayers.

Care to throw resolutions and goals behind and instead chase unspoken yearnings for this New Year?

Want to stake 2015 as the year you stepped out of ideas and into faith pursuits? I guarantee it will change your perspective. It’ll challenge the way you spend your free time, the conversations you have with your children. How you spend money will be a result from ten lines scribbled on paper.

When you take time to dream aloud, you connect the dots to original hopes your Creator placed within you.

Bry and I will place the list in a spot to daily remind. As they are answered – may it be in ten months or ten years – we will not hesitate to celebrate how God hears our deep down dreams and fulfills.

You’ll be amazed at how freeing the small and grand hopes manifest. No longer a resolution to check off or a goal to attain, but a life posture to strive towards; the beginning of laying open your heart and allowing God to wow you in His time, with the desires He’s already placed in you.

Now go. Dream. Throw them in the air like confetti and watch how they land as perfectly timed gifts.

Happy New Year, friends.

Can’t wait to see what’s in store for us this 2015.


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