Feeling Blue This Christmas? A Re-Post: Holiday Panes

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Beyond excited for Christmas this year, or feeling blue?

It was around the dessert-heaped coffee table at our Downton Abbey marathon, that we talked of the upcoming holiday. Of anticipation and dread. Some eager, others just not feeling it.

Megs chimed in about that morning at her church; how the pastor had spoke on joy. But before he did, he acknowledged how many are not experiencing joy this Christmas, and for that reason, they were doing a blue Christmas event the following night. To lament. To worship. To take communion. To be okay about the blue christmas thoughts. What a beautiful idea.

Wherever you are, exploding with joy, or feeling blue, enjoy this Christmas re-post here. I hope it blesses you.

Merry JOYFUL BLUE Christmas,


Bekah Jane


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