When Dreams Take Shape

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Some of you may have seen this teaser photo posted last week. As my valued readers and the ones I deeply appreciate, I want to share some exciting news with you.

As many of you know, I attended SheSpeaks in the summer.
I went to pitch a book proposal to a publisher. But God had other plans. The publisher I had a meeting with became quite ill and cancelled all day-of meetings. By chance, I scored a meeting with another publishing house and it was there, I first heard mention of a literary agent. I confessed being green in all areas publishing and beyond. So I prodded. A literary agent?
Yes, an author advocate. A go-between for the author and the publisher. Like a realtor for writers.
Please imagine my curls dancing and nodding.

I know when God steers a left turn, it is not by accident. The next hour I literally bumped into a God-ordained moment. Crystal was walking down the hallway, wondering how God wanted to use her when our paths crossed. We small-talked and ended up sharing our hearts smack dab in the hotel hallway. A humble author and speaker, she craned her head. I feel like I want to help you out. Let me get your number and see what I can do. Less than an hour later, her text came: Well, God worked a bunch of things out and I was able to schedule a meeting with a literary agent for you. Hours later, over carrot cake and cheesecake I met Blythe and we talked as old friends. She and I have built a sweet relationship over the past months. I value her heart and experience.  She has patiently helped me dig deeper, has asked gentle questions about what this book idea is truly about. Two weeks ago I was in the shower (why do epiphanies always happen there?) when I realized the book title and concept. I pitched it to Blythe, she LOVED it, offered to represent me to publishers, and I signed on with her agency to begin writing this book:

CINNAMONROLL FAITH: An Invitation to Follow Jesus into the Center of Real Life

When we choose to follow Jesus into the center of real life- relationships, pain, celebrations, tension, parenting, transition, the everyday- our faith deepens. As we follow Him into the dry, sweet, sticky seasons, we understand Jesus is truly at the center. As we grow comfortable doing real life with Him, our faith overflows into every other area. And don’t we long for that? Don’t we want the sweet center of a life with Jesus? Don’t we want Cinnamonroll Faith?

I’ve been on my knees, and jumping-up-and-down excited because this has been a dream God spoke two years ago and it’s simultaneously humbling and beautiful to see His timing unfold.

Here’s where the fun and scary begins. As I sit down to write this book, I realize how grateful I am for each of you. I can not do this alone. You are my people. The ones I imagine sitting next to me as I process and pray and write from deep places.

Would you journey with me in this process? I realize it’s easier to share this news after the book is bound and at bookstores, but that’s just safe, and not at all me, and I’m convinced God wants me to invite you into the vulnerable place of not yet, in the fragile stage of new. As I write about following Him into the center of real life, I know this book process means inviting you in as well. Would you pray for and with me? Would you share your experiences, so we can all be blessed by doing real together?

Here’s how you can play a part. Please join the conversation by sharing your thoughts on one or both of these questions surrounding CINNAMONROLL FAITH: An Invitation to Follow Jesus Into the Center of Real Life (working title).

1. When was a time you followed Jesus into the center of real life, only to see your faith grow? Was it with family? Loss? Celebration? A one or two sentence blurb is great!

2. What real life topics would you like to read about in CINNAMONROLL FAITH?

You never know, perhaps one of your stories will be featured in Cinnamonroll Faith. Woot!

And please visit Upcycled Jane FB page here, like it, and tell your friends. Thank you!
Again, so stinkin’ grateful for who are, and for joining me, as together we choose to follow Jesus into the center of this oh-so-real life!

Hugs to you,
~ Bekah Jane

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  1. Yay, yay, Bekah! So happy to eat carrot cake with you and now cinnamon rolls! Truly adore who you are and your beautiful curls, your words, and your heart most of all!

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      Oh Blythe, the feeling is beyond mutual. So thankful for you and where God is taking this journey. Let the baking and gabbing begin 🙂

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      Robin, I’m holding you to it. Thanks for your cheers. You are “my people” and I couldn’t do this without you. Cheering alongside you too!

  2. Your words and stories are so inspiring to me and I’m excited to see this book unfold!
    As for the questions:

    1. The time that I really felt that I followed Jesus is now. In this parenting journey that were in. I have had different expectations and thoughts about what parenting was going to be like but now that its here I find myself constantly being sharpened and growing from this process of having everything tested with two kids. Through it all Im depending on God more every step of the way even when He seems distant at times. The best and worst of myself come out and this is the beautiful yet most challenging aspect of parenting.

    2. I would love for you to write about busyness, social media boundaries, and of course your parenting trials and victories 🙂

    Love you

  3. Bekah this is incredible news! I love when God surprises us with his perfect plans!

    My sticky, gooey, cinnamon roll moment when I really followed the Lord into the center of my life was also the most difficult, tough and yucky time in my life. My husband left and I found myself alone, in new state without family, and completely broken hearted. God met me right there in that dark place, comforted me, built me back up into who I was really created to be and restored every part of my life piece by piece. I have never been the same!

    love you and I can’t wait to read this book!

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      Sarah, thank you for sharing. Your story inspires and is such a refreshing reminder that bumps draw us closer to who God desires us to be. I love how He has transformed your story. You are a beautiful reflection of Him. Cheers to “never being the same.” xo

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