Cookies, Guesses, and Thursday

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I’m back, and ready for the surprise, and look, I brought my grandma, and, come on, don’t be shy, my postman!

The three of us are so excited! And hungry! We haven’t eaten since Monday because we heard chocolate croissants would be shared. Sooooo? What’s the surprise?

Huh? What? I got my days mixed up? Today is Wednesday? And the surprise is on Thursday? I have to wait until tomorrow for the surprise? Noooooooo! I cancelled all my plans and my tummy is grumbling and I can’t sleep and… huh, what’s that? You’re going to invite us in for cookies and a game to hold us over? Yippee? Can we sleep on the couch, and be the first ones to hear the news, bright and early on Thursday ‘mornin?

Why are you making that face?

Fine, cookies and a game sound great! Come on grandma. Inside, Mr.Postman.

Whoa, seriously? Does your kitchen always look this messy? Flour and chocolate chip cookies everywhere? What’s going on? Ah, yes, I see. Yes, that makes sense. Sounds like a baking illness.

I’m okay with that.

So, about those cookies. And you mentioned a game? We like games. Right, grandma? Ya, postman? Postman? Postman! Oh, looks like he’s snoozing on your couch. Good, more cookies for me.

Mmm. Delicious. And perfectly gooey. What? You have a cookie dough story you want to tell me later? Okay. As long as it involves more cookies. And as long as I win the giveaway tomorrow.

Fine, I’ll stop saying that.

Did you say there was a game?  What’s the game? We like games! No, grandma, she said games! Ooh, a guessing game? I’m really good at these. What are we guessing?

Hold on. I’m trying to process all this exciting news. Let me get this straight. Part of your surprise has to do with things changing around here? A new look? Yes, I like that. New scenery is good for the soul. Will there be pink ponies running across your website? No?

Every party has a … Okay, I’m sorry, No, I don’t want to leave. Can I have another warm cookie?

Me? You wanna hear from me? You value my thoughts and opinions and want me to guess what new things are coming for tomorrow’s surprise?

I can do that. Lean your head close. I’m going to press my noggin against yours and read your mind so I will know what some of the new surprises will be. I’m stealth like that. No, you think that’s weird? Hmph.

Can I have another hint at how to guess about the new changes?

Really, is has to do with re-purposing, in seeing how God makes all things new?

Oooh, I’m loving this! Is it Thursday yet?

Yes, I will do that. I will grab grandma, and, Mr.Postman wake up!, and we will go home, and as we patiently wait for Thursday’s surprise, we will leave you a comment on your blog, right here, and guess what fun changes are coming. Oh? We can guess about the Thursday giveaway? Maybe it has to do with a favorite phrase you love? And you want to know what we enjoy reading and talking about on this blog? Like we are now, in your living room, with chocolate chip crumbs and couch conversations?

We can do that! We will do that! We will rally the neighborhood and write comment after comment about our guesses for what the Thursday surprise entails, what we like talking and reading about here, and what we think the giveaway is.Thank you. Thank you for the cookies. Yes, we will. We will write our comment on your blog post, not on Facebook. Did you hear that grandma, not on Facebook, on the blog. No, grandma, she said “guesses,” not “dresses.”

Oh, I’m so excited. I still hope there’s a pony.

See you Thursday. With all my friends. Bright and early.

Okay, not too early.

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