Real life, social media, and why I’m embracing #realisthenewperfect

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Isn’t it real life, when well-intentioned plans suddenly take a turn? Take our recent family outing that went south two minutes in. I take that back, we were cranky before we left the driveway. Long Beach was our destination. Only 25 minutes away via Pacific Coast Highway, a city bursting with culture, tall buildings, and killer foodie spots.

But as life so often shifts, it took longer to get out the door because a brother tirade broke out: He punched me. He stole my underwear. I’m huuuuunggggryyyyy! Whiney-whine-whine. Can we have a snack? Never mind my skin had revisited junior high and my unwashed hair was a sight. By the time we piled into the car, Bryan and I were in the worst moods. Like down-right foul. Awesome. Two thumbs up for “perfect family alert.” Bleh.

You know what I’m talkin’ about? When you’re imagining quality, memory-making time, and really, no one is enjoying one another, or the so-called epic adventure being had. We are having fun, right, family? {said with a forced, tight smile.}

It struck me as the day unfolded, how easily I could’ve posted “fabulous family day” pictures. You wouldn’t have known. Look world, aren’t we cute and put together?  Said in a hushed voice, The truth is our family is not loving each other well today, or showing the best version of ourselves, or our togetherness. Our kids may have said, “Mommy, don’t be mean to daddy”  once or twice. True story. Real life.  #realisthenewperfect

More than ever, I embrace #realisthenewperfect because what we see online, in print, or on a blog is often not the “perfect” picture we assume it is. Perfection. We strive for it even though we’ll never come close. Let us not mistake beautiful photos, inspiring words, and innovative projects for perfection- they are created by people, and you and I both know us peeps ain’t perfect. There are authors, designers, and faithful speakers I’m drawn to because they offer another facet of God’s personality. It’s my darn assumptions that distorts their outcome. The tension pulls when my marriage, my kids, and my home doesn’t feel Pinterest-worthy or up-to-par. But compared to what and whom? Herein lies the social media balance; offering “real” without airing dirty laundry, capturing beauty in the cracks of hard days, and celebrating people and their passions played out.

We’re a society that craves authenticity and imperfection because we desperately need to know that what we see is backed up by a real person, a real story. I’m finding authenticity by filtering what I see and put online through this verse: Finally brothers and sisters, whatever is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable- if anything is excellent or praiseworthy- think about such things. ~ Philippians 4:8.



photo (3)

Don’t get me wrong. I was tempted, as Ty sat coloring on Bry’s lap, to give this photo a little Instagram love. Isn’t that sweet, you’d comment. Such a precious moment. Ha, I’d say, wagging my finger. Moments before he was drawing on the table and shoving his brother. #realisthenewperfect

photo (4)


photo (5)


photo (6)


photo (7)


photo (8)

I don’t know what to say about this. A beer hat? Really? Clearly, he’s Bryan’s son. Pray for us now.

photo (9)

Back home, a cranky day was redeemed as the boys decorated end-of-the-year cards for their teachers. And wouldn’t you know, Ty wrote his first word and proudly showed us. Look, his finger tapping at every letter, it says Miss Peggy: t-o-o-t. Throat laugh. Foul moods immediately disappear. Suddenly, Long Beach was an epic family day full of real life memories with curious kids, their imperfect parents, and a new city we’d fallen in love with. Yay, we cheered, you did write Miss Peggy.

Ya, he grabs the paper. That’s what I said.

Care to join me as we flood social media with inspiring photos, share authentic stories, and post what is real?

Long live #realisthenewperfect





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  1. Love your girlFriend! Great post and a good reminder to me. Thank you for how you share from your heart and expose your “real life”. Hugs to you!

  2. The truth will set you free. Oh how freeing it is to live in the real, learn that we aren’t alone and walk the balance of finding the beauty and giving grace for the rest. Love this post my friend. Count me in for the social media revolution. Thank you for sharing, being real, inspiring and teaching me the joy in keeping laughter at close reach.

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