Pom-Pom Tablecloth Transformation

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True confession: My hubby and I are suckers for a good find- whether it’s a screen door, antique books, or  a zinc barrel- we love the creative process of design. Much of our passions are poured into the hunt for one-of-a-kind treasures, antique gems, and unassuming pieces. Whether it’s from a flea market, up-cycled, found, or created, what draws us is the potential of what can become as we transform extraordinary from the everyday. And who better to dream and envision with than my best friend? We’re a team, and I adore how our home is pieced together with story after story of ‘Remember when we found the first of our vintage clock collection? and ‘These teal stools- you made me drive 25 miles out of the way to find them.’ Oh, the roads we’ve gotten lost on, towns we’ve explored, and memories we’ve collected over the years. Oh, the stories reflected throughout the Pogue Cottage.

As most design inspirations go, I’m drawn to what sparks my eye, aware only of what I’m visualizing in my head until I actually come across a tangible heaven-sent piece. This one happens to be in the form of Pom-Pom Tablecloths.

Disclaimer: I am not a DIY- er. I see treasure, am inspired by how to put an innovative spin on it, then dream of just the right spot to hang this or arrange that.


Take these whimsy tablecloths from Anthropologie. Tropical Passion Iced Tea in hand. I’m perusing the SALE section when I spy cheery yellow poms on the top shelf. Pulling it down, I get the rush- inspiration tingles– that gold has been struck. Literally. Opening this gold-flecked, chevron detailed tablecloth, I apparently get crazy eyes because the ladies next to me are staring. Yellow and green poms? Magenta and navy poms? A fab-u-more tablecloth? Yes! On our kitchen table? No way, not ever! Our boys would demolish this gem with one spaghetti dinner. Nope, no three and five-year old ninjas will be putting food or their hands on this any time soon. Lost in thought, I’m unaware the tablecloth is clutched to my chest until one of the ladies speaks.



Oh, that is amazing! She spots my crazy eyes. Uh-oh. What are you thinking?

I’m dancing around, Tablecloth displaying all her pom-pom glory, and squealing like our newly adopted piggie {more on her in a future post} This, I jump up and down, is not a tablecloth, it’s a future curtain! I hug it close. I’ve been looking for something like this forever! Excited gasp- she’s now jumping up and down as I gently swat her hand away from stealing it.

Of course there are only two tablecloths in the whole wide world left. Yes, I will take them. I’m practically best-friend-embracing the lady over the counter.

Here’s another fact you must know about me. I am not a seamstress. Yours truly can’t sew a straight line to save her life. My beloved mom-in-law bought be a sewing machine years ago and I would love nothing more than to sit down and glean her gift, but until that happens, I recruit the experts- she, or my mom. Hint: if you can’t do it yourself, surround yourself with people who can. Make it happen. It takes a village. Get creative.

Lil’ mom sewed a faux backing on the back of the 60″ side, allowing enough room for the curtain rod to fit snugly. And by “curtain rod” I mean this fabulous copper piping secured by flanges, compliments of the hubs. Happy dance, friends.



May I present our Pom-Pom Curtains:

{Let’s be honest, they look way better suspended in air, than on my table covered in pizza sauce and fishy cracker crumbs. Amen?}








I’m a bit obsessed with how they turned out. Thanks for your help, ‘Lil Mom and Bry. It was the crazy eyes that convinced you, huh?


What innovative ways inspire your home decor? Do you have a favorite piece, and a story that accompanies it? Do share.

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