Noticing, Inspiration, and Your Created Self

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Adirondack chairs.

Striped anything.

Metal textures and weathered wood.

Homegrown cucumbers.

Freckled noses.

Ty smooches.

Bry’s raised eyebrow.


Teal. White.

Vintage teaspoons.

A lingering quote.

~ Inspiration from a neighborhood stroll. Details in our home. ~

More than ever, I’m noticing. Taking in life, and becoming aware of what I’m drawn to; colors, design, smells, and textures. I’m asking myself why certain images or people attract and pull me closer, while others cause hesitancy in my gate or deeper still, gut.

The art of noticing. It’s a gift I want to unwrap time and time again because what’s inside is a powerful teacher. Noticing is simply paying attention to every sense, a facet of Christ’s creativity coming alive within. As you notice, you impart your beautiful footprints on this world, reflecting glory back to the Creator.


It starts simply; on a walk the boys and I sense. Up and down streets, looking at houses, petting dogs, smelling petals and leaves Spring so generously shares. Inspiration is all-around, and I can’t help but capture it. So we do. With picture after picture of details inviting us to notice. The result? Inspiration. Inspiration spills over into home, dress, creativity, and relationships.













Copper sparks the idea for a future home project and a cookbook display of metal spoons. Striped pillows inspire a metallic-lined shirt, and teal shutters a perfect necklace accessory. White fences create a blank canvas, peaceful and inviting, a framed quote on the bookshelf. Flowers wave from walkways, and rest in coffee table vases. I feel alive.

I’m curious, how do you notice life?

Offering attention is the first step in understanding the fullness of your created self.

Let’s sip tropical iced teas and pay your day-to-day a visit with noticing eyes. Which sights stop your steps or bring you to tears? Do those inspirations shine through in your decorating style? Splashes of which colors are in your home? What about your wardrobe? Are there specific hues you’re drawn to, or feel alive when wearing? Ask yourself why and be patient for answers. Isn’t it fascinating to be made aware of your unique style and taste? Once you begin noticing, you’ll see ripples, patterns, and tendencies in all of life. It’s quite incredible. Before long, you won’t not notice.

Dare we dig deeper? Take inventory of your community, the people you work with, your family. What emotions rise up when you think of them? Are you similar or different? With whom do you feel safe? What conversations cause you to shy away? By noticing, we discover how extraordinarily we are created.

Noticing transforms thought trains into tangible patterns.

As we notice, questions pour forth. Do I notice only what is comfortable, or unpleasantness too? Does it conjure up memories fond or heavy? How does my body react?  I stretch to notice where I push back. Does it scare me? Is it uncomfortable? Do I want to run away or enter in? Does this inspire? If so, what is the next thought that follows? In my experience, inspiration often carries over into design, a sign, or a sentence.

Noticing is our bodies way of getting our attention. It’s why a child’s cry moves a parent to embrace. Or why worship unlocks tears of healing. Noticing inspires artists to create and writers to craft sentences. Noticing arouses every feeling known to man and woman. It’s why people fall in love and others go to war.


Spilling over into life abundant, noticing connects the dots for every sense. Creation sings of His Majesty and I’m overwhelmed at how to make art of it. With gentle nudges and fresh perspective, wisdom calls and noticing asks. Can you hear her? Inspiration beckons. Let’s follow. Let’s discover our created selves.

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