A Prayer for the Brokenhearted

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The air today, has a sense of sadness hanging in it. It’s mixed with joy at seeing out-of-town friends and their adorable boys. It holds wonder at navigating nature paths, and watching workers prepare for the butterfly farm to open in May. Yet I can’t ignore the palpable sadness I see and feel.

A dear friend’s Nana lays in bed sick, eyes closed. Not herself.

A friend’s co-worker had a heart attack. Complete brain damage. He left behind his young wife and little girl due in May.

A brave lady is undergoing chemo for breast cancer.

Isn’t it so much easier to see the nice, comfortable aspects of life? And see them we should! But today, here is a prayer if you find yourself surrounded by sadness, loss, frustration, or tragedy. May God hold you, and when the clouds part and bright moments shine, soak it in and give thanks!

{Written for Em, who carries others joys and pains so beautifully}

A Prayer for the Brokenhearted

Dear God,

Do you see me? My heart is broken. It’s heavy and tired and could use some large hands- the kind that hold the world in its palms- and I was thinking you could hold mine today. Maybe offer it a safe spot to rest, possibly cry, or even yell. I know you can handle it. I know you love me so much. I know your heart breaks when I hurt. For today, could you hold my heart? Could you keep it nestled in the center of your great big hands and speak to me, as only you can, in the specific ways that touch my soul?

You tell me I’m a gift, that all your children are. Why we have to hurt and suffer is so hard for me to see. Please comfort me today; enough for today, and then again tomorrow, shuffling my heart, turning it to hear and see another facet of your majesty, another perspective of your gentleness and love. Hold me tight and wipe my tears and clutch my heart close to yours, so that as I ache, my heartbeat will match that of my Heavenly Fathers who sees all, and wants the best for His children.


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