Excitement for the new!

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I love the different ways people express their excitement.

Some “sing song” everything.

Others waves their hands around, voice animated and volume raised.

Some show nothing on the outside, but inside are jumping up and down!

Me? I literally jump up and down, and scream, and “sing song” for the rest of the day.

So imagine me doing that now because this gal is excited!!

Changes are coming friends, and they are gonna be good. A new year means a new blog means a new space to create, write, and share with all of you.

You. You are a part of my excitement.

You, reader friends, you kindred word folk, are the reason I stay up late and type in the dark. It’s for you I share heart confessions even as my heart pounds. You are what keep me going. The hope to connect and resonate with you drive me to share what I’m learning, how I’m failing, and why God loves me and you in our wading-through-mud journeys.

My identity isn’t dependent on you- my words are. I have faith that writing into space connects with some of your heartaches, parenting realities, and faith ponderings.

I used to, ahem, may always struggle with desiring other’s affirmation, but if one thing is for sure, this last year has cemented my need to focus my gaze on the Creator for my worth, value, and identity. And it’s because of this, I can ask you without feeling as though I’ll live and die by your comments.

As Inspired Window transforms into something new, you have a say, a voice to be heard.

They say you can tell a novice writer because they say,  I write to everyone. No, you can’t write to Martha Stewart and Lady Gaga. You must have a niche, a unique value to your reader. That is my quest- to find out who you, my reader friends are.

What would you like to read more about? What topics do you relate to?

Do you connect to grief and loss? Parenting? Antiquing adventures and design? Recipes and de lish desserts?

What pulls you towards subscribed blogs and the books you read? Where is your heart these days – could it use a gentle landing and a listening ear, or comic relief after a long day?

I suppose different seasons call for different needs.

I will not mold myself into what you need, but I will take your heart into account because it matters to me.

Would you be a dear and leave three words in the blog comments? Three words that describe what you want to experience when you visit?

Your days are full. Your to-do list is long. Your opinions and thoughts matter. Please share them.

Who knows? They may show up as this here blog gets a makeover.

Fist pump! Fist pump! Fist pump! {Said in a loud “sing song” voice} What! What!

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