Belly-button Business

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A little secret- I have an indie bellybutton.

It sorta does it’s own things, has it’s own vibe. One day it’s poking out, the next day’s it’s hiding. It’s a bit of a free bird, an artsy belly button if you will.

Things settle and shift and drop differently after one child, then two. My bellybutton is evidence of what used to behave but now has a mind of it’s own. You get the point.

It was bathtime which means naked boys were running down the hall, throwing the toilet seat up, jumping into bubbles, the dinosaur fights had begun.


As I lean over to turn off HOT, my shirt pulls up and Ty catches a look at the button. The indie one.


In our home, we refer to our bellybutton as our “piko” It stems from this adorable book This Is My Piko, describing body parts in Hawaiian. Bryan and I found it on our 5 year anniversary in Kauai, bought it for the boys, and the word has stuck.

Piko. See how fun it sounds coming out of your mouth? Piko. You can’t not smile when saying it.

So he’s staring. And here it comes.

You get a new piko, mom?


I stare at bubble-covered Ty.


Asked in a low, mafia-like voice. You get a new piko?

I die.

I look down to see the indie button is pushed out, for all the world to see, saluting my son straight in his eye.

The best explanation is the obvious one.

Of course I got a new piko. Target was having a sale. I bought new boobs too. Ones that are perkier and bigger since you ruined them after nursing.

Okay, so I thought that. Instead I went with the appropriate truth.

You know how Uncle Brian and Auntie Donna’s mom came to visit from Michigan this week?

Soap suds fly. Dinosaurs roar.


She had all the moms over for a baking class and taught us how to make cinnamon rolls and… my voice trails as I realize why my button is protruding so.


Well, I’ve pretty much been living off cinnamon rolls for a week, so maybe when my tummy is extra full my piko sticks out. It’s the same one, it’s just run out of room to hide.

He pulls up my shirt and stares.

It looks like a finger!

And there you have it.

We really are what we eat, and apparently our kids notice.

Lesson learned. If you have an indie piko, your bellybutton may also resemble a finger, if your main diet is a pan of home-made cinnamon rolls.

I promise it’s worth every bite. Even if your children make fun of you. It’s really their fault anyway 🙂


I’m constantly looking for creative reads to add to our children’s library. This Is My Piko is an interactive and educational book and I love that it comes with a CD including a read-along narrative and sing-along Hawaiian folk song about the parts of the body. It’s the next best thing to actually being in Kauai!


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