Dressing Your Home for Autumn

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It’s one of my favorite times of year to decorate the house for. There’s something comforting and safe about bringing the outdoor beauty of the changing season inside.

Crunchy red and orange leaves.

Maple pecan candles.

Chubby pumpkins and bumpy gourds- orange, white, green, and buttery yellow.

Turning pages of Mousekin’s Golden House for hours of snuggling and reading.

Hearty, warm-you-from-the-inside soups and stews, sweet caramel ciders, and apple tarts.

Maybe you’re like me, and come October you don’t want Halloween throwing up all over your home. Not that I’m anti at all… more just lazy! I don’t want to decorate for Halloween then tear down, then decorate for Thanksgiving, then tear down, then … ooh, I can’t wait for Christmas!!

Instead, I maximize both October and November to dress our home for autumn.

Think of your decorating style when it comes to fall; what are you drawn to? What colors and aromas and books emit autumn? Are you a theme fan? Do you love pumpkins, or spiders, or twig accents? Do you like a couple statement pieces throughout the house, or small trickles in every room? Small touches go a long way. Aside from what you see in stores this time of year, don’t be swayed by fads or popular styles. Embrace your unique creativity and keep it simple. Whatever your design goal, think “less is more” and focus on the main rooms.

I love themes, but come fall, I wholeheartedly embrace the colors and hints of what autumn entails- oranges and mustards, twigs, and crunchy leaves are my go-to. Subtle hints make our small cottage feel complete- not overcrowded.


By the front door, try a fun chair, a collection of tiered pots, or a welcoming sign. As friends and family arrive, the entrance is the first impression to communicate, Come on in and make yourself at home!

This weathered chair was given to us by a friend- it’s left arm is falling apart, it’s unsturdy and worn, and I absolutely love it! A small chalkboard sits on the seat and is changed fo specific seasons and celebrations. For crisp autumn it reads HAPPY FALL. Designed by the boys, two sticker-adorned pumpkins sit happily letting everyone know that this is a home where kids are loved and their creativity is appreciated.

Ty adjusting the pumpkins to his liking.


Stepping into our cozy family room, an orange blanket lazily hangs on the chair. Throws and pillow covers are simple ways to change the look of your home without denting your pocketbook.

Orange is already one of the main colors in our house, so not much is swapped out for this season.

Whatever your home colors, a pop of orange, rust, mustard, or brown goes great for fall!


I’ve said before that I’m a huge fan of galvanized metal.

This classic bucket holds fresh white roses and can be filled with seasonal flowers.


A mustard metal tray holds magazines, a maple pecan candle I’m obsessed with, coasters, and remotes.

Trays are inexpensive accents ~ they add color and offer texture for whatever the season! Come Christmas, I’ll swap this tray out for a wood one, replace Maple Pecan with a Peppermint candle, and current holiday magazines… presto!


My folks scored this antique wood and metal tool chest on their last trip to SLO and it serves as our coffee table.

I’m kind of in love with it!


In bookcases, autumn books are accessible for little readers.


Ty gets a kick out of the noises in the Haunted House book.

For a sweet book, add Mousekin’s Golden House by Edna Miller to your kids library.


In the kitchen, this seaglass vase serves as a great centerpiece for leaves and sticks.

Pre-dinner walks turned into searching for “just the right sticks”- it got the boys involved and turned out cute! Win win!

If you are a fellow lover of leaves, grab your kids and go on a leaf hunt. FrameΒ  each child’s favorite and hang them in a place they’ll see often and remember the special leaf outing.


Bryan built this wood shelf which serves as a faux buffet. It’s the dining focal point to highlight seasonal accent pieces.


Here, a galvanized metal glass dome rests on two white pedestal plates.

Cloth napkins hide under the glass, while colorful leaves remind of nature.

And are those hedgies you spy? They are my weakness… reminds me of a certain almost 3-year old that lives in our home πŸ™‚


A coral placemat adds a whimsy touch next to the mustard lantern.

My mom gifted me this white plate forever ago and it’s a statement piece to write quotes, birthday wishes, or love notes on.

What’s special about pulling in sentimental, personal pieces is that they make your home your unique home!

{I suppose there are some ways I’m turning into my mom and this plate is one reminder.}


Originally red, we painted this hutch mustard yellow, and it serves as an ideal piece for seasonal displays.

Doesn’t Autumn scream soup? Here, my favorite soup cookbook {a gift from my mom-in-law} is easily accessible for go-to recipes on chilly nights.

Is there a specific cookbook that you use often this time of year? Put it on display. Dog-ear your favorite recipes! Decorating isn’t for museums, but for practical, lived-in homes where kids play and family life is embraced. Sauces, stains, and all!

{Stay tuned for a fabulous soup recipe post}


At a recent road trip I discovered this darling milk glass dotted bowl and knew candy belonged in it. Rolos, anyone?

A wire basket holds ball jars with wine corks and a sweet dish towel, hand-picked moss from Hume Lake, and a teeny tiny mason jar of toothpicks!


And finally, kitchen dish towels are fun ways to spruce up the season. Currently these two snuggle on the oven handle. Friends, you know what I’m talking about with the towel on the right? Can I get an Amen?!


See?Β  Subtle hints of Autumn. Enough to welcome the outdoors in and awaken all senses to what Fall offers.

How do you like to dress your home for Autumn?

Side note: The minute after I took these pictures {my apologies to professional photographers who are shaking their head at my sad attempt- hey, I write, not shoot} the kitchen table was overtaken with school art projects and spaghetti sauce, the couch littered with light sabers and army men, and books were strewn all over the floor. We aren’t going for perfectionism here, just practical!

None of us live in a magazine- we live in real life. Decorate accordingly πŸ™‚

“Fall has always been my favorite season. The time when everything burst with is last beauty, as if nature had been saving up all year for the grand finale. ~ Lauren DeStefano, Wither

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  1. Your home is adorable! I love the leaves on the cake plate. And that sitcom pillow so belongs in our house! lol I have a thing for fall smells. I went to a scentsy party last weekend and bought six wax scents ALL in the cinnamon/baked goods/wintery scents. I can’t help it because it makes my house smell like fall year-round. I’m not normally big on seasonal decorating (except for the tree and a few decorations at Christmas), but maybe I’ll just dive in and invest in a pumpkin or two to put at the front door. πŸ™‚ We do have a chalkboard message board on our front door so I’m headed home today to write, “Happy Fall!” on it! I’m inspired! πŸ˜‰

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