Peanut Butter & Chocolate

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It’s been said before, and I won’t shy aware from the truth…

Every morning I wake thinking about dessert.

As in, hmmm… what treats are destined for today? Throughout the entire day.

You do realize dessert was not intended only to follow dinner?  No -a morsel of chocolate after cereal, a bite of brownie following a caprese panini lunch, why, it really is the right thing to do! After dinner of bbq chicken salad, the chopped peppers and jicama shavings colorful and crunchy- by all means, bring on the peanut butter and chocolate! Don’t matter if it’s on a sundae, the main ingredients in truffles, or tucked inside the other for a bite-size nugget of love, peanut butter and chocolate is my weakness!

So it’s no wonder, the newest Inspired Window creation is an eclectic, wood arrow pair featuring the ying and yang of heavenly dessert combos ~ Peanut Butter & Chocolate!

From vision to completion, here are the newest ‘<<You are the Peanut Butter <> To my Chocolate>>’ plank signs available for purchase in the BOUTIQUE!


Handmade from upcylced fence, pallet, and scraps, the wood arrows are one-of-a-kind!




I adore how the design turned out… a pop of yellow? Always!




Hanging above the bed, these sentimental wood arrows complete our bedroom:





My partner in crime, this man really is the peanut butter to my chocolate!


Need a pair of ‘<< You are the Peanut Butter<> To my Chocolate>>’ wood signs hanging in your home?

Place an Etsy order here: BOUTIQUE


If local to the Orange County area, please  email me directly {to save on shipping}:

Browse the GALLERY for sample features ~ we can make your custom design on a vintage window, wood sign, or canvas.

And puh-leese, with all this dessert talk, satisfy your sweet craving with a bag of these:


You’re welcome!

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