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This gem followed me home from the Rose Bowl Flea Market {yes, I’m obsessed with all things Flea Market}


It’s previous owners had used this chunky pallet as a tabletop and I’ve been thinking about how to upcycle it for months.

I knew I wanted to make it into a sign and hang it in the focal spot of our home, the kitchen, but what should it say?


Weeks later, the boys and I were returning library books {sidenote: my sincerest apologies to every Huntington Beach child that Mo Willems books are always checked out… our family is a whee bit obsessed!} and on our way out, we passed a table where two seated women were clearly trying to share their religious affiliation via pamphlets and conversation. A man stood over them and was laying it out…

“Well, here’s what I believe and why…”

We walked past as he proceeded to rattle off a dozen reasons why he believed what he did. Void of emotion or passion.

Eye roll, squeeze boys hands…for a brief moment I considered going back to join the conversation, perhaps to bring lightness to the obviously heavy conversation.

And what, you ask, would I have said?

Deep breath in..

It doesn’t matter! All the theories and political bents and don’t do this and make sure you do this, and I believe this… who.cares? It doesn’t matter! And do you know why it doesn’t? Because it has nothing to do with what you or I think, it has everything to do with what Jesus says!

You know what does matter? Jesus’ greatest commandment: LOVE GOD and LOVE OTHERS.

The end. Check please. Done. So simple. So entirely challenging.


Deep breath out.

Somewhere I’m afraid we’ve gotten too focused on the small details instead of the big picture. People are leaving churches, believers are debating with other believers about predestination vs. free will, baptism, and theologies. Are these points important? Yes? Should we study God’s Word and roll it around and discuss and study and seek? Absolutely? But where, friends, where is the notion of loving God?

This Christian journey is not about being nice, or acting perfect, or saying no to premarital sex, or not swearing {I’d be in big trouble if that was the case}… it’s about loving God with everything we have in us, and then loving other people so much that they can’t help but wonder why. And we can tell them that it’s because of God’s love and grace for us, that we can even love them in the first place.

That’s what this Christian walk is about.

That’s a life goal.

That’s the big picture.

And I can spend the rest of my life focusing on these two commandments and that will be a life fully lived!

Do you see this beautiful cyclical model?

When we argue and hang our hats and hearts on minute differences, there’s no room for God’s Spirit to shine! But when we desire nothing more than loving our Creator and His children, well, all those debatable points become foggy and instead we focus on being loved and loving in return. So simply beautiful. So beautifully simple.

I could have gone back and joined the conversation with those three… given it my best go at why Christianity rocks, and how I can’t wait for heaven, but at the end of the day, those people are going to believe what they believe… until

…someone loves them to Jesus.

…until God’s Spirit draws them to Himself.

Love will always speak louder than debates or stern voices or heady theological points.

And that’s when I knew exactly what I wanted our pallet sign to say:


Because Jesus didn’t recommend this idea. He didn’t gently suggest we love His Father and people. He commands us to. So if there is anything I’m going to hang in our home, any words I’ll read a thousand times throughout the day as I pour coffee and milk, make lunches and turn up the music to dance, as we color at the table and scoop brownies into a pan, I want Jesus’ words echoing, repeating over and over to myself, my boys, my hubby…


Want to see how it turned out?

I’ve never been so connected to a piece of art, or so inspired to live out such short words so tangibly and prayerfully.





“Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?” Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ 

                                                                                                                                                                            Matthew 22:36-39


Have a beautiful Monday, friends!



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  1. Bekah I love how you always break things down to their simplest form…I also love how you live out what you believe, you encourage me to do the same!
    You are loved – alot!

  2. I was so distracted by the awesomeness of your flea market find that I didn’t find time amongst the cheez it eating, hole jumping, lifeguard yelling and snail petting good times to find out the story behind it! What an absolute inspiration though Bek. Words to truly live by. Just as powerful to me as “showing up”
    I can’t wait for you to write a book, I could read what you have to write for hours! Love you friend!

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