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In light of celebrating what is supposed to be mom and dad’s 42nd anniversary and dad’s 65th birthday, I’m forever grateful that we celebrated them well last year. More so, I’m thankful I shared these words with them {especially dad} – words that he read and felt and knew. I smile even now, remembering when we were over for dinner one night and as I bathed the boys in their ginormous tub, I saw this post taped to his side of their bathroom mirror:

{written June 25, 2012}


One year later…the words and people being celebrated ring true, but with such a drastic change.

‘Oh Happy Day’ suddenly doesn’t seem quite so appropriate… or does it?

Re-reading this post, I’m struck by the weight of the words ‘Legacy Builders.’ How unaware I was then of what a legacy dad created and mom continues to create. Here’s what I take away…

Don’t waste a minute.

Share your words of appreciation with someone today. Let them know how they have impacted or changed you for the better.

Words, I’m finding, are the most beautiful of gifts to leave behind, especially those written down to look back on and recapture;  those simple, full, heart-expanding moments.

Words are your legacy on paper.

Celebrate someone’s legacy today. Let’s think of it as the ‘Oh Happy Day’ Challenge.

Ready? Go!

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