Taking Care of Us Mamas!

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For all you mamas out there ~

I see you being the best mama you can be, I see you taking the most amazing care of your kids…

spreading the blanket on the park grass for a picnic lunch

feeding them healthy foods and putting thought into what goes into their body

teaching them to “kick, kick, kick” those legs as they prepare for many a swim days this summer

wiping up ice cream and Popsicle spills

hustling to the store, then to school pick up, then back home so they can get their much-needed rest

teaching them to embrace the up’s and down’s of life, whether that be in braving ocean waves or talking about hurt feelings

I see you maintain appointments for them to get their health checked and teeth cleaned. Those cute pictures of them at the doctor’s office or in the dentist chair. Why are kids so darn cute when sitting on crinkly paper or wearing a giant bib wrapped around their neck? We certainly aren’t!

If you’re anything like me, does your oldest remind  you weekly that he is long overdue for the dentist. Yes, my son, one day… aren’t your teeth going to fall out anyway? No, Ty can’t come… the kid won’t sit still long enough for Rapunzel to sing her “hair” song.

As parents, especially moms, we love, love, love and care, care, care all day for our kiddos. We dream up creative snacks for their school parties and pray over them when they are scared. We would give our life for them.

Yet, I am guilty of not caring for myself in the same way.

At the pool a few weeks ago, Em noticed my lovely back moles and asked when was the last time I’d had them looked at. I thought for a bit, before realizing I hadn’t. Like ever. 

You should really get those checked out.

And you know what? She was right!

I don’t make it a priority to schedule annual check-ups and lovely pap smears, my dentist appointments become annual instead of bi-annually because life gets in the way, and it’s hard to find someone to watch my kids, and I’ll go when I get really sick and blah blah blah!

Hello! Isn’t that why I take my kids to the doctor and dentist routinely? To avoid sickness and prevent cavities? Isn’t the goal to maintain health and offer them the fullest of life?

Then really, the best gift I can give my family is to be a mom and wife that takes care of myself; to stay active and healthy and visit the doctor not only when I’m sick, and to make myself and my hubby a dentist appointment when I make the kids theirs.

Yes, it’s a pain in the booty to arrange babysitting and drive in traffic and get blood drawn and teeth cleaned, but it beats the alternative.

So, I’ll have you know that today I went for my first physical since after having Tanner. Thank you, thank you. Bow, bow. The nurse literally looked at my chart and was like, “So….. {long pause} you haven’t been in since 2009?”

Yea, that sounds about right? Crazy how losing a parent puts health in perspective. My kids kinda need me around. You’ll be seeing me regularly around here. But not in a creepy stalkerish way…

She smiled and we talked about her first grandbaby.

Sure I had to rearrange my day, and ask for someone to adopt my youngest for a while {thanks Jen}, I had to sit in a fuh-reeezing room sporting a sexy open-in-front gown feeling quite nakey and vulnerable while pondering the 12 billion other things I’d rather be doing, but it felt good. Like good for my kids and hubby and my health good.

It felt good to take the time to ask about those moles and “can you feel this weird bump?” and yes, I’d love to have some blood drawn and am especially amped about fasting before {says Miss I Can’t Go 30 Minutes Without Eating!}… and I wonder where Ty gets it 🙂

It felt good to schedule a follow-up appointment to get that bump checked out and ask for dermatologist referrals. I may need some reminders about hitting up the lab for a blood draw. Don’t judge- I forgot I had to fast. This girl downed a bowl of Cheerios before I was even out of bed this morning!

It felt good to make time for my health.

In the same ways you sacrifice and give your babies the best, do them a favor and take care of yourself.

Schedule your yearly physical.

Get a teeth cleaning on the calendar.

Take a Cardio Barre Class or brisk walk around the neighborhood.

Take care of yourself.

You will never regret it! Just please don’t take pictures of yourself sitting on the crinkly paper or wearing a bib 🙂

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