What’s Your Story? Wednesday: Kathy Kolbeck

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Last week’s ‘What’s Your Story?’ featured Sharon, and I love introducing you to her sister, Kathy, today. Creating family windows for these two ladies was a great experience, but mostly, I was amazed {and a little envious that I don’t have a sister} at seeing firsthand how much fun they have together and the palpable sister-friend bond they share.

Married 30 years, Kathy is the mother to three kids and a neonatal nurse. This was quite the year for their family: two of their kids were married within six months of each other, and the first grandbaby is on the way! Kathy admits that with all the joy, comes great change.

“My husband and I are now Empty Nesters!  Some would shout for joy to finally have a quiet house. Not so much for me. It has been really hard to adjust but as the Scripture says, “We can do all things through Christ”.  God gives us our children for a short time.  We teach them about life, about God, and how to eventually live their lives away from us.  When that happens, we are both proud and sad – such a mix of emotions.”

To walk alongside her in this transitional season is her sister Sharon. It’s moving and humorous to grasp the similarities the sisters share.

“Sharon is my sister and my best friend.” Kathy smiles.  “When we moved out of our parent’s home, we not only lived together in our first apartment, but we also shared a car.  We did everything together. We lived together until she got married and then I had to move back home!  Not so much fun.  I was married a year after her. To show you how similar we really are, of the hundreds of wedding dresses to choose from, I picked the same dress as her! She wasn’t upset, but thrilled that again, we had one more thing in common.”

Even more than being a sister and best friend, Kathy most values that Sharon is her spiritual mentor. “She’s has been a Christian longer than me, and knows the Bible more deeply.  Sharon helps me see life differently because of God’s Word.”

True to form, when Kathy told Sharon about her family window and the verse she’d decided on, sure enough, Sharon had chosen the same verse. Hello, sisters!



Kathy, your story is a nod to sisters, friendships, and spiritual mentors. How valuable these people are in our life. I applaud the beautiful bond you and Sharon share not only as family, but as the dearest of soul sisters.

What about you?

Who is the person that walks alongside you in the celebratory occasions and super crummy times? Who hugs you and brings ice cream and sits on your couch when you need a good cry? Who saves your favorite table at the local hole-in-the-wall foodie gem, cheering you a job well done over sangria and paella?

And who are you that person for?

For Kathy, it’s Sharon. And for Sharon, it’s Kathy.

Today, let’s celebrate the sisters and friends. Because it’s more than choosing the same wedding dress or window Scripture, it’s about being family.

I’d love to hear from you. Share whoever first comes to mind when you think of that person, and why. Take a moment and let them know what they mean to you. Most importantly, be that in return.

“Sisters function as safety nets in a chaotic world simply by being there for each other.”   Carol Saline

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