Climb It Out

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You know those days when you’ve made your schedule, the plan has been set, and all life has to do is cooperate accordingly?

Well, ladies and gents, life doesn’t always get the memo.

Kids get sick. Playdates are postponed. Life happens.

I can pout in a corner, throw my hands in the air at the smallest inconvenience, and complain about circumstances. But in reality, it’s not unmet expectations, it’s my fight for control . They say if you are caught in a rip tide, not to fight the current as it will drain your energy, but to swim parallel to the shore until you can safely return.

I’m finding freedom in accepting the current, the ebb and flow of life. To anticipating -not panicking- at living a life drawn in pencil.

And on this particular day, there were a lot of eraser marks!

So what’s a mom and her two boys to do?

South we head with enough snacks to feed an army. Five minutes later we are in our happy place. Salt water. Sand. Sunshine. The Beach {insert content sigh.}

Have you ever watched boys at the beach? They are drawn to rocks, sand hills, life guard towers… anything they can climb up, on, or around. The smallest embankment becomes a mountain to be conquered.

And oh, how I want my boys to climb. To seek adventure, to face fears, to risk falling, and when they fall, {which, surely they will} I’ll encourage them to dust off the sand {or whatever life lesson is being thrown their way} and keep climbing.

And climb they do!

boy climb

Ty stops to look at seashells and collect handfuls of sand.

ty beach

T finds treasure in an old key.

Into the pocket it goes and will later join his ‘Collection Jar’ holding shells, bouncy balls, marbles and sticks.

t treasure

Spotting a sand hill, again they begin to climb. Side by side.

sand climb 1

How I pray they will always rely on one another as they climb through this messy adventure life offers.

sand climb

In true spirited Ty fashion, he spys an opportunity to disrupt napping seagulls. Seconds later he is a small speck in the center of white wings!

ty birds

They climb back into the BOB and we head to a swanky eatery.

It’s my first time taking both boys here. Only on one other occasion have I experienced a mom/son lunch date at this fine dining establishment, and it was when I surprised Tanner after school months ago with his choice of anywhere to eat. The kid didn’t bat an eyelash. We were going to…drumroll please… Carl’s Jr.! And yes, I was bummed! Only after he’d ordered chicken stars, confidently dipped the last bite in ketchup and dangled it above his open mouth, whispering, “My last bite of ninja stars” did I realize his obsession with all things ninja including breaded food in the shape of ninja stars! Of course!

t carls

This is the face of a boy owning his meal. I’m pretty sure he’s convinced each bite transforms him closer into becoming an actual ninja.

ty carls

Clearly my second was stoked to be on a lunch date with his mom. Yes, he’s sitting at the table next to us!

carls model

I’m sorry, but are you seeing what I was seeing as I snuck bites of the boys lunch? I’m sure this model has never eaten a Charbroiled Cod Fish Sandwich in her life. Or anything fried for that matter. I considered “tripping” her but remained level-headed and embraced one minute to talk with my boys about the danger in degrading women and yada yada “Mom, can I have more ketchup for my ninja stars?”


And wouldn’t ya know? Lunch concluded with a booth climb to check in with our dining neighbors. My apologies to the folks at Carl’s who were wanting a quiet, peaceful lunch experience. As for me, I was loving it. I was watching boys being boys. They weren’t hurting anything. They weren’t being rude. They were healthy energetic curious kids. And just as we were about to leave, an elderly lady at the booth across the way shouted to me.

Your boys are adorable. I turned to see if it was me she was talking to.

Ummm. Thank you? It came out as a question.

You are a great mom! And they love you. I can tell. Do you boys love your mom, she asked them. To which they both shouted to the world, “YES!”

And there in the middle of sticky-floored Carl’s, a restaurant that serves superhero food, and promotes scantily dressed women, I was moved to tears.

Thank you sweet lady, rocking your red knit headband. Thank you for not having judgey eyes or raising your eyebrows at my sand-covered sons. Thank you for embracing their giggles and laughing as they scooted down the entire booth. Thank you for agreeing that yes, boys should climb and seek adventure. And thank you for pausing over your Charbroiled Cod Fish Sandwich to tell their mom the same.

Funny how a day that didn’t go to Plan A, B, C, or D was yet another reminder for this gal to enjoy the journey, not the destination!

Whatever current you find yourself in today, release what you can’t control, write plans in pencil, and be amazed at life’s surprises. I’m cheering you on as you ‘climb it out.’ 🙂

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  1. I needed to hear this Bekah, thank you so much for sharing. I have a very hard time writing plans in pencil and I will definitely be using your words to remind myself to do just that in the future. You are a gifted writer girl!

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