Hedgehog LOVE!

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In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, a holiday dedicated to love and the flowerwineandchocolate industry, I made something for you!


Okay, it’s not for you. It’s for you to give to someone you want to hug and smooch. You can buy one HERE.

And can I just say I am a fan of the exposure Mr.Hedgehog is getting on this fine February celebration. The poor lil’ mammal often gets pushed aside as the spotlight shines bright onĀ  owls and birds. Really, owls? Whooooo thought up that grand notion?

You could say I have a soft spot for hedgies. Truth be told, our second son, Ty, looked like a hedgehog his first six months of life. No joke – the kid literally came out with a full head of dark, craaaaazy hair. Awesome was an understatement. He was the talk of the Labor & Delivery floor.



Oh, just wait!


Do you see that hair? Hedgehog love fo’ sho’!




Seriously? Melt me!


Are you seeing the hedgie resemblance?



Now you understand where my love for the adorable prickly creatures comes from, and the inspiration for the Valentine art.

Thank you Ty for having amazing hair and an even more amazing spirit!

The Etsy shop is now open. Treat someone you care about to some hedgehog love!

And while you’re at it, support the Valentine flowerwineandchocolate industry and stock up on these goodies:


Pink peonies


Pinot Noir, please!


Don’t even grab a bowl with this carton- a spoon will do just fine!

Happy almost Valentine’s Day to you!

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