The Polishing of Metals

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Crisp and oh-so-clear is the weather outside. I’m resting on our colorful comforter, my head leaning into the squishy pillows along the headboard. Tanner, next to me is hair curly wild. He’s tangled in an orange throw, surrounded by Legos and books. Occasionally he peeks at the screen, then goes back to his rocket ship building. It’s an uncommon place for me to write, but grace is this year’s focus and perhaps calls for a new change in scenery.

What are you writing about? he asks. Always asking questions, this one is.

Grace, I answer. Beautiful grace.

How do I define grace to a child when it’s the very thing I’m trying to understand. What answer can I give when there are a plethora of definitions attached to grace? It can be a noun: ” Seemingly effortless beauty or charm of movement, form, or proportion”, “An excellence or power granted by God”, and something we’re all familiar with; “A short prayer of blessing or thanksgiving said before or after a meal.” As a verb, grace can mean: “To honor or favor” or “To give beauty, elegance or charm to.” {Dictionary}

Since true grace comes only from Christ, our family is going by this definition:

“the love and mercy given to us by God because God desires us to have it, not because anything we have done to earn it…generous, free and totally unexpected and undeserved.” {Wikipedia}

Oh, how I love grace! “…given to us by Godnot because anything we have done to earn it…” {my italics} Check please! That about covers it! If I actually believed this every day, how different would my life look? I’m praying as we tackle this grace mystery, it will slowly seep into our souls… one day at a time.

“The growth of grace is like the polishing of metals. There is first an opaque surface; by and by you see a spark darting out, then a strong light; till at length it sends back a perfect image of the sun that shines upon it.” -Edward Payson

I came upon this quote and instantly fell in love. What a beautiful image it brings to mind of the process of grace ~ something I’m convinced doesn’t happen overnight, or with the snap of fingers. And it shouldn’t! No character of God is learned that quickly, but rather in one glimpse, built upon one “aha” moment, built upon one breathless, mouth-gaping fixation at the sunset, built upon one humbling gift experience, built upon blessing after blessing…polish, polish, polish ~ one step in front of the other, ears perked upward and inward, experiencing grace as the Lord gives, forgives, offers, and loves. And then you look behind your shoulder and realize you are journeying a grace road,  your heart recognizing grace; tender and shaped more like Jesus’.

And sure enough, our lives are being polished daily; small rays of grace shining down, blinding us with its brilliance. We can’t help but see it everywhere.

Grace is in my four year old sharing, When I laid in bed, I dreamed about getting you a present. {did someone tell him I have a birthday looming?}

You did, sweets?

Yeah, because you are special to me!

{Insert picture of me with tears dripping off my chin}

Grace is staring my insecurities and sins in the face and feeling humbled at God’s continual forgiveness and unconditional love.

Grace is accepting gifts; whether tangible or verbal.

Grace is watching my hubby pour countless hours into this website because he cares about me and intertwines my passions with his.

Grace is relentless, as seen at tonight’s late-night showing of Les Miserables; weaving its’ way through every scene and song. Never have I been so moved to tears aside from worship!

Indeed, grace is everywhere, if I choose to see it.

Do you see it? The thousands of undeserved, mercy bubbles popping, rubbing tarnish, and polishing you?

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