Bang! Rush! Whoosh! Tys is TWO!

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He came in the afternoon, a nurse scooting friends and family out of our room only minutes before he took his place in the spotlight.

He came with a bang! in a rush! whoosh!… suddenly there was Ty.
And it’s been that way ever since.
Bang! Rush! Whoosh!

I was worried I wouldn’t love him as much as my first child.
I was concerned I wouldn’t bond with him like our two-year old son.
I was unsure how to know another little person.

But then came Ty!

Ty with his hedgehog-ish, black mohawk fro!
Ty, his powerful personality contained in his chubby body.
Ty, his one-of-a-kind giggle bursting from his chipmunk cheeks.

And today our Ty is TWO!

Two much of the most perfect addition to our family.
Two hilarious for words.
Two gifted with comedic timing, breaking the occasional serious tone.
Two in love with every stranger, welcoming them as new friends.
Two unaware of personal space, often hugging those strangers in the first 30 seconds of meeting!
Two busy for the human eye to take in.

Ty, they say when you have another child you grow another heart. 
My heart for you beats twice as fast to keep up with your boundless vigor.
To watch you run everywhere, every second of every day, stopping only to nap and sleep.
To hear you shout ‘Tanner’, overjoyed to be reunited after your brother’s preschool hours.
You taste each bite, voraciously shoveling blueberries, pad thai, pizza, and bananas into your mouth.
You smell flowers, bending close to petals as you help me water.
You grab your favorite, well-loved metal trucks and line them up in the living room, on the back patio, on the windowsill…


You, our hedgehog-turned-curly-mop. 
You, our heart-exploding echo of joy
You, a blessed addition to our family, to this world
You, a gift beyond
You, the definition of ‘celebration’, 
we celebrate you, 
our Ty,
Turning Two!

Happy Birthday, Ty Christian. We can’t wait to see how God uses your bang! rush! whoosh!

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