Living in Plan B

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It was a Plan B type of week.

As in Plan A simply didn’t get the memo, took off on vacation, and left no forwarding address.

Whatever the reason, life lesson “go-with-the-flow” whistled in the breeze and rose with the sun, consistent and daily.

Life: Our youngest came down with a morning fever {did I mention our kids are rarely sick?} which resulted in my tardiness to a work meeting.
Plan B: Snuggles galore with this little boy typically too enamored with life’s adventures to stop for a mere second and hug his mother!

Life: A sushi date ~ two patio seats basked in summer dusk and inviting us to sit, and the Viva Las Vegas Roll calling our name, only to receive word that our oldest son had a 102 fever!
Plan B: Our next date night location and menu selection already anticipated {make that two Viva Las Vegas Rolls}, and the 45 minute drive to pick up the boys from their doting grandparents gifted us much-needed quality conversation.


Life: In celebration of Tanner’s 4th birthday, Mimi and Papa planned a surprise outing to Zoomar’s Petting Zoo {if you are an Orange County local, check it out here}, but had to hit the pause button when the Birthday Boy’s stubborn fever insisted on lingering on/off for several days.
Plan B: Quality grandparent time at home ~ movies splurges, puzzle creations, and yes, ice cream cones… ‘cuz what birthday is complete without ice cream?

Life: Not enough room in our small bedroom closet.
Plan B: Eying blouses, sundresses, and sandals I haven’t worn in a year, a bag full of fabulous finds for any gal in want of a new wardrobe awaits!

Life: Reality reminder from the Anxiety Bug gnawing at financial worries: my 6 week temporary job  has come to a fruitious completion.
Plan B: God’s provision in the form of being asked to write a monthly article for TRU, my contribution geared towards encouraging parents. Hello!
Learn about this incredible spiritual parenting ministry, TRU, here.


Life: Piecing coolers, smores ingredients, beach towels, and EZ-UP canopies Jenga-style in the Pathfinder, beach-bound to celebrate our now healthy, 4 year-old’s birthday in true bonfire fashion, only to discover that not a single beach-pit was vacant!
Plan B: Updating the fam on Birthday Bonfire’s new location ~ The Pogue Cottage! Being that Tanner’s only wish was to celebrate with his cousins, he was just as excited! Everyone pitched in to create backyard summer magic, and my sister-n-law saved the day by bringing their killer water slide and portable fire-pit! An impromptu makeshift Spiderman banner, blue Ball Jars overflowing with Red Vines, mini Rolos Smores, and clean bathrooms made it the perfect Bonfire Party! Without sand!

Plan B.
It’s a looser, hands-open, faith-focused place to live.
Years have taught me that while it’s wise to make plans, it’s my mindset during the process, the potential changes and shifts in those plans, that directly effect the outcome.
Life doesn’t take orders, our calendars only have so much room, and our plans aren’t always His plans.
The “go-with-the-flow” approach has carried over from friends I admire, a city oozing with a kick-back vibe, and an unwavering desire to rest confidently in the center of my My Heavenly Father’s plans.

Try it.
Go with the flow.
Be flexible.
Be surprised.
Be amazed at how often Plan B grows you in ways Plan A wouldn’t.

Just watch, it may better than anything you could have planned!

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  1. Love it all! I am in the process of learning how to live a Plan B life myself! Congratulations on the new writing opportunities God is sending your way…I can’t wait to read them! And as for the clothes, my closet is pretty bare these days…;)

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