3 lies we’ve been told about WORK!

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I know… I said it.

The four letter word.

One that brings to mind images of stuffy cubicles, intense hours, or little faces staring up at you, wondering what gourmet breakfast you are going whip together on that stove-top {it’s called scrambled eggs, sweetheart!}

Whatever type of work you do, in the end, it’s just work.

Or is it?

This weekend’s church message was a poignantly perfect reminder of my inner fears wrapped in God’s truth. Simple, purposeful, almost airy, were the words delivered ~ round and clear, like handing over a glass vase, empty now, but with hopeful potential for filled blossoms.

Sipping a french vanilla-induced coffee, I almost laughed when my beloved song, these worship words filled my ears yet again. “Be My Everything” has been chasing me down, hiding in corners, and following me into the bathroom for weeks. The fragrant chorus has infused my very being, and it seems wherever I go, this song envelops me. Once again, the Holy Spirit’s perfume trail was ushering me into exactly what I needed to hear.

On work.

Lindsay a dear friend I don’t see often enough, is famous for requesting life bullet points. With schedules that don’t cooperate, and the 91 freeway hindering our much-desired coffee dates, we survive intermittent visits for subsidized life bullet points.

In honor of Linds, allow me to break down how the work message impacted me, bullet point style {okay, asterisks are prettier…}.

 3 Lies We’ve Been Told About Work

* My identity comes in my work.
Wrong. My identity is in the Lord.
Life is lived forward, but understood backward.
“Let him who boasts, boast in the Lord.” 1 Corinthians 1:31

*Jesus doesn’t care what I do.
Oh, but he does! He wants to come to work with us. Whether in an office, or at home, he values how we spend the hours of our day.

*My work is less valuable than other people’s work!
Hold the phone… confession time: I believe this lie every day.
Somehow I’m convinced if I drive to a building for work, and bring home a fat paycheck, then I’m valuable. Wrong again!
My work as a mom to two little boys is invaluable. Teaching them about their part in God’s story, is eternally valuable. I do have dreams of the future, dreams that may include driving to an office, or working from my kitchen table, but for now, I’m clinging to the truth that my work is just as valuable as others’. In the meantime, God, help me be prayerfully patient.

“And whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not human masters.”
~ Colossians 3:23

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