Dessert-eating, Futuristic, and Developer Strengths!

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As I sit down to my computer to share my final top strengths, I’m happily chomping on a frozen chocolate-chip cookie dough ball. In fact, the birds outside the window are starting back at me, thinking I’m an overgrown chipmunk gone mad! And I have ~ frozen cookie dough balls are the next best thing to heaven!

In fact…
…sound of scooting chair legs… freezer door opens…rummage, rummage…joyful squeal!.. freezer door closes… footsteps… pull chair back in…close eyes… heaven!
A second sphere of chocolate-chip frozen-ness has entered the scene!
And, now it’s gone!


You should know, Dessert-eating is a top strength that hasn’t been mentioned. In fact, it probably takes the cake {no pun intended} as my #1. But alas, there is no Strengthsfinder description on Dessert-eating. Perhaps I’ll indulge you later and share my unscientific take on this strength for sweets, but for now, allow me to dial you in on my final two Top Strengths.

People who are especially talented in the Futuristic theme are inspired by the future and what could be. They inspire others with their visions of the future!

Hands-down, my favorite Ideas for Action for the Futuristic theme is this:
“Your Futuristic talents could equip you to be a guide or coach for others. Unlike you, they might not be able to see easily over the horizon. If you catch a vision of what someone could be or do, don’t assume that he or she is aware of that potential. Share what you see as a vividly as you can. In doing so, you may inspire someone to move forward.” {p.107-108, Strengthsfinder}

As much as I plan, dream, and pray about the future, I attempt {at times force} myself to live fully in the present, being intentional with moments that can crawl, leap, and fly by. As I read about the Futuristic point, the quote above is what resonates most accurately within. I love coming alongside people and helping them reach their potential, achieve their goals, and sometimes, face their fears. From there, nothing stirs my adrenaline more than dreaming alongside of who they can be. I literally get tickled pink when I see the light bulb go on in regards to how they can be made into the best versions of themselves!

For all you Futuristics out there, keep dreaming, and ground it with realistic action!

Last, but not least, the final of my Top Strengths: Developer
People talented in the Developer theme recognize and cultivate the potential in others. They spot the signs of each small improvement and derive satisfaction from these improvements.


That’s funny…

Didn’t I just say this?

Some self-learning Ideas for Action points:

* “Partner with someone with strong Individualization {focusing on the unique qualities of each person}talents. This person can help you see where each person’s greatest talents lie. Without this help, your Developer instincts might lead you to encourage people to grow in areas in which they lack real talent.” {p.91, Strengthsfinder}

* “…consider the impact of being a “mentor for the moment.” Many of the most poignant and memorable developmental moments occur when the right words are delivered at the right time ~ words that clarify understanding, reignite a passion, open eyes to an opportunity, and change a life course.” {p.91, Strengthsfinder}

*Your Developer talents might lead you to become so invested in the growth of others that you ignore your own  development. Remember that you cannot give what you do not have. If you want to have a bigger impact on the well-being and growth of others, you need to keep growing yourself. Find a mentor or coach who can invest in you.” {p.91-92, Strengthsfinder}
Hmmm… point made. Point taken. Starting today, I will pray for a mentor. Yes, I’m feeling good about this. Anyone?

Content sigh!
What a learning, eye-opening, affirming experience this Strengthsfinder journey has been. Thank you for walking and validating and encouraging alongside me. My prayer is that you too, have been inspired to become a better version of yourself!

Now, if you’ll please excuse me…freezer door opens… rummage, rummage…Yay!!

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