The Strength of POSITIVITY!

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After taking this bad boy, strengths test {Strengthsfinder} our 5 day mini-journey begins with a breakdown of my top 5 strengths. I trust you are discovering your own strengths along with me…

If you haven’t yet taken the Strengthsfinder Test, stop what you’re doing, and order the book here. I’ll wait 🙂

My numero uno, top strength:


People who are especially talented in the Positivity theme have an enthusiasm that is contagious. They are upbeat and can get others excited about what they are going to do.

Well, there you have it! Shut the book. We’re done.


Believe it or not, Positivity as my #1 Strength surprised me! As much as I want to see life as half-full, I often think of ultra-positive people as, how shall we say this, um, er, having their head in the clouds?!

However, according to Strengthsfinder, I was encouraged to learn the following Ideas for Action about the strength of Positivity:

* “Explain that your enthusiasm is not simple naivety. You know that bad things can happen; you simply prefer to focus on the good things.” “…Your positive approach will be most powerful when others realize it is grounded in reality.” {p. 143, Strengthsfinder}

Well, this sums up my head in the clouds idea. Yes, it’s true. In a world of such despair and hurt, I choose to focus on celebrating the small things. This is also why I enjoy unzipping my heart and sharing the contents with others~ to display the not-so-pretty-packaged aspects of life, all the while focusing on celebrating the growth that will come from those challenges.
For example, the possibility that unwelcome spots in my dad’s lungs may indicate cancer is simply not an option ~ I choose healthy him, unless tests show otherwise. And if that dreaded day dooms, we will walk as a family, faithfully trusting God’s Best.

* “Plan highlight activities for your friends and colleagues. For example, find ways to turn small achievements into events, plan regular celebrations that others can look forward to, or capitalize on the year’s holidays and festivals.” {p.142, Strengthsfinder}

Okay, this is completely me ~ I live to celebrate a friend or family’s special news. Not only the obvious occasions like birthdays or babies, but bringing a fresh bouquet to cheer on the start of your new job, a card expressing prayers when you are going through a tough season, and specific texts recognizing why I believe you are super great!
As for family traditions, they are pretty much my middle name. I find any excuse to have a good time under the banner of “A new family tradition!” Check out some of our fun family legacies here, here and here.

An ‘aha’ moment when reading about Positivity:
“Cynics will quickly sap this person’s energy. Don’t expect him {her} to enjoy cheering up negative people. {S}he will do better when asked to energize basically positive people who are in need of a spark.” {p.144, Strengthsfinder}
After reading this, I let it whirl around, dancing with my thoughts and feelings, until I heard the buzzy light bulb current. So that’s why I get frustrated when I’m around downers and chronic complainers! And, I don’t mean having a bad day here or there. Goodness, I certainly have my fair share of let’s-fast-forward-to-tomorrow days. It’s the dread of continually attempting to cheer up someone who in all reality, prefers to be cranky! No thank you! I prefer to surround myself with life-giving, uplifting, authentically real peeps!


If it’s not a strength you possess, worry not! You have your own top five strengths that create a special version of you. If anything, learn from this strength, and be inspired to understand and relate to Positivity.

Check back tomorrow for my #2 Strength… we may share the same theme 🙂

“There is little difference in people, but that little difference makes a big difference. The little difference is attitude. The big difference is whether it is a positive or negative.” ~ W. Clement Stone

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  1. Without a doubt this is one of my absolute favorite things about you! This book sure hit it right on. You are one of the most positive people I know which is why I usually can’t get enough of you! xoxo

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