Strengthsfinder in a week!

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Have you seen this book before?

The last time I laid eyes on this personalized strengths test,  I was 18 ~ a freshmen in college. Confident, yet lacking life experience. Believing more in the idea of me, than the actual me.

Since graduating college, there’s been a plethora of times I’ve tried to squeeze myself, my skills, and strengths into a shape clearly intended for someone other than me.

If only I try harder.
If only I weren’t so sensitive.
If only I could do the career they are doing.
If only I could be the kind of mom she is.

If only.

Here’s the great thing about the Strengthsfinder ~ it doesn’t tell me how to conquer my weaknesses, but better, how to enhance my strengths. If I’m honest, that’s what I need, what we all need, not to be a mere replication of another, but to illuminate the best versions of ourselves.

Now, 13 years later, I thought it beneficial to get my hands on this book in light of now~ a wife of 8 years, a mom of two boys, with jobs I’ve thrived in, and positions I’ve dreaded, areas I’ve matured, and hopes of continued personal growth. A more comfortable, dialed down, vulnerable me.

Snuggled in the corner of our couch, laptop in place, and my all-time favorite worship song singing to my thoughts {Be My Everything}, I took the Strengthsfinder test again. With fresh eyes and an honest heart.

And the results were me. My true me. Funny enough, my top strength at 18 didn’t even make the now list.

Over the next five days, I’ll share my top five strengths. Not for a pat-on-the-back, but to let you closer into my soul and mind, and maybe to share some funny stories along the way. My hope is to inspire you to build on your strengths.

In the meantime, run, don’t walk to your computer and order this book here!

Knowing your unique strengths will only make you illuminate brighter and cast light on seemingly otherwise shadows. Who knows? It may be the validation you need to quit a no-win job, tackle a dream, or change your perspective from trying to be something you’re not, to living fully in who you are.

Travel with me on this five day mini-journey. Let’s get to know one another and ourselves better. We’ll be better for it!

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