Contentment and Crushes!!

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Today is a day of celebration. A dear, college friend was showered with love, prayer, bon-bons, and blue over the soon-to-be-arrival of her boy bundle.

She is one of those women who radiates life. Her laugh. Her enthusiasm for potential. Her heart for the elderly. Her patience for learning.

She will be an incredible mom.

What added to the much-to-be-celebrated occasion, were the people.

A sister-friend visiting from North Carolina with her angelic 8 month-old, Jed. Our moms were friends since the Garden of Eden, and it came naturally to us, this friendship legacy. I won her son over, granting him permission to slobber and suck on my oversized ring in exchange for his shy smiles. It was a win-win!

Another friend who I only see when the common denominator ladies are present. She has a winning smile, and even more beautiful heart. We connect over living in community with friends, the fact that our kids are the same ages apart {26 months}, and a mutual love for their whimsical town of Monrovia.

I’m not sure if it was the tea sandwiches ~ chicken salad on thick raisin bread, egg salad on hearty wheat, or cream cheese olive spread on delicate fluffy white bread, and sticky sweet pineapple and seedy strawberries. It may have been the gloriously blue canvas and warmth blanketing my back, but it was a moment in time, when my heartbeat steadied, and I was able to rest in the company of those around the table, smiling inside, There is no where else I’d rather be be than right here.

Isn’t that a great feeling? To pause in a moment and know

There is no where else I’d rather be than right here! ?

This baby shower wrapped with inspiring women weighted two things in my soul.

It reignited a purpose for contentment.

Contentment does not come easy to me. I have a tendency to be physically there, but mentally planning the next days activities or checking off a to-do list. This is my daily prayer ~ that whatever my circumstance, I live fully in that moment, roping my mind to the present post.

My dad always tells me, ‘Enjoy the journey.’ The value here lies in that the journey is not from event to event, but from person to person: To sit with my boys while they piece together alien ships from Legos, to ask my husband how he really is, and then be present to listen…to be content in every situation.

Contentment is not a naive state of happiness, but taking personal responsibility and making the most of this life God has blessed me with.

When struggling with contentment, I ask myself…
Am I letting other’s expectations dictate my schedule?
Is God first on my priority list, followed by my spouse, then kids?
Are friends draining me, or leaving me refreshed?
Am I getting enough sleep?
Is the comparison bug biting?

Only I am responsible for my contentment meter.

Not that I am speaking of being in need, for I have learned in whatever situation I am to be content. I know how to be brought low, and I know how to abound. In any and every circumstance, I have learned the secret of facing plenty and hunger, abundance and need.~ Philippians 4:11-12

It reconfirmed the huge crush I have on my boys!

Yes, I have a crush on my two surfrats!  Amongst blue heliums, airplane centerpieces, and gifts galore, God reminded me, that I too, prayed for, desired, and wanted nothing more than to have one baby, then two. Two vibrant little crushes! Sons to protect, to encourage their independence, and need to explore. Sons to show that strength comes from their Father, and gentleness too!
My sons. My crushes.

And now, my friend will experience her own son crush when she holds her lil’ man.

Our paths will cross at the next shower, or birthday party. Sister-friend from North Carolina, Monrovia friend, and others. I trust that all over the country, we go about our lives, thanking God for moments in time like today. Celebrations of a little boy about to embrace the world. But also embracing friendship, choosing to live out contentment, and enjoying this journey!

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