Thanksgiving in May

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Last night was one of those nights etched on the inside of my eyelids forever. Even with eyes open, if I squint tight enough, I can make out the faces of our family, riding bikes all over town, gaped mouths squealing jubilantly, Tanner and Ty’s curly mops literally blowing in the bike-ride breeze, Bruiser making himself at home on Ty’s chest,
then stopping to choose the perfect ice cream flavor.

Neon blue Sherbet
Mint Chocolate Chip

And the four of us, five including our shameless shih-tzu, sat on the curb, the same way I had with my parents and brother, giggling over strawberry dribbles and neon blue smiles.

And it made me ever so thankful.

For epic-ly, normal family adventures.

Because I can so quickly lose sight of being thankful.

The weight and responsibility of the every day can sit on me like sand.
Heavy, hard to make sense of, a struggle to resurface for air.

Ironically, we are nearing the six month mark until Thanksgiving, a month rich with appreciation, earnest intents, gratitude for much, and compassion for flaws.

I don’t want to wait half the year to value November’s Thanksgiving reminder.

I want Thanksgiving in May.

And I see it everywhere I look.

Watching a friend’s son wrestle with my boys, when only last year, his tiny frame and bald head represented a daily fight against leukemia.

Laughing because Ty tried to make yet another friend in the Chik-Fil-A Playland, and perhaps hugged someone a little too much!

Initiating my weekly workout plan with Pilates…oh, the good sore that follows!

A thousand conversation webs spun throughout my living room, kitchen, and backyard with sweet friends making themselves at home here, our walls expanding with love for them, and their kiddos.

Turkey and ham paninis, fresh blueberries and strawberries, and delicious banana bread.

Do you see? It’s Thanksgiving in May!

Hearing my husband tell me I am beautiful.

Worrying about our firm budget, then reminding myself of how many people in this world don’t even have a job.

Celebrating our appreciation for the teacher’s at Tanner’s school, and the genuine way they not only instruct, but build into our son’s character.

Experiencing selfless generosity from my parent’s offer to watch the boys this summer as I take an anticipated part-time job.

Feeling beyond honored that a friend called to connect over coffee because she was touched by my honest writing thoughts.

And last night, a family bike-ride and ice-cream outing to beat all nights.

Forget the sand.
I choose thankful.

Thanksgiving in May.

Every day.

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