Handmade Fabric Coasters

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Handmade Fabric Coasters~ my new-found creative outlet!!!

They are the perfect housewarming, appreciation, Just-Because-You-Are-Super-Great gift! Plus, the sky’s the limit for patterned possibilities. You can’t go wrong with this easy-to-make personalized must-have!

I’m starting to sound like an infomercial, so allow me to share how I made the darned things, and you’ll see for yourself 🙂

With boys in tow, we made two stops {Home Depot and JoAnn’s} in under an hour, and returned home, stuffed to the brim with goldfish {the world’s best distraction snack} and coaster-making supplies.

You’ll need:

Mod Podge
A small brush {completely forget that in my errands, but thankfully found one in my hubby’s tool box ~ thanks hon!}
Basic white tiles {they cost a whoppin’ $.17 each at Home Depot}
Fun patterned fabric or paper
Spray Adhesive
Small felt circles with adhesive backs
Newspaper {or you can murder a Trader Joe’s bag like I did!}


I counted four tiles per recipient, and cut out fabric {you can use paper too, but I loved these summery fabrics} a little smaller than the tile itself {the goal is to have a small white tile border around the fabric or paper}.
Then I laid the tiles on the poor Trader’s bags.
I used my backyard, patio table to work so that the fumes wouldn’t get me high, or, so lil’ fingers wouldn’t grab ’em 🙂
I applied a thin layer of Mod Podge to each tile {in order for it to stick}, then put the fabric on top, smoothing it with my hand, to get rid of any bubbles or creases.
Then, I brushed a reasonable amount of Mod Podge on top of the fabric, this time using the brush to push out stubborn bubbles or creases.
Then I poured myself a margarita and waited 20 minutes.
 I wish!
In reality I wiped down the kitchen and unloaded the dishwasher.
After 20 minutes, I reapplied a second coat of the Mod Podge glue, and while  I waited…
I poured myself another margarita, this time with a frilly umbrella bobbing on the ice.
Then a third coat of Mod Podge and waited for the tiles to completely dry.
At this point, I laid down on the couch for my daily afternoon nap. Adele wafted through the open windows, and the smell of fresh baked bread escaped our oven.
Once the tiles were dry, I woke refreshed from my nap, snacked on a small tub of bon-bons and then sprayed each tile with the Spray Adhesive.
Once the tiles were completely dry, I stuck the small adhesive felt circles to the bottom of the tile ~
one in each corner to prevent scratching.
Bam! Fabric coasters were ready to be packaged…
Wrote a cute tag, and tied the coasters with ruffly ribbon.
These specific coasters were for my sister-in-laws on Mother’s/Auntie’s Day.
 And there you have it~
Handmade Fabric Coasters to rest your favorite drink on!

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  1. These are darling. Mine would be awful! Do you remember those pillows Tam & I tried to make once? Yeah….awful!! You’re adorable though!!

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