Honest Confessions

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I ran into a friend at church today, one who I don’t see often enough, but am convinced, if we were neighbors, our boys would provide daily entertainment in the form of dinosaur-playing or fort- building
while we’d take turns snuggling her sweet girl

Within five minutes, we dug down to the inner corners of our hearts and scooped out the gut-honest realities of what life resembles when you add a second child to the family.

It’s so hard!
Oh, the fog!
The exhaustion!
And the excessive TV watching, guilt over divided time with your first-born, multi-tasking to the millionth degree.

Oh, the joy that you really can love another little person as much as your first!

No time for fluff.
Just the raw, here-they-are-confessions.

Honest confessions.
They are good for the soul.

So, in the spirit of confessing, I’ll scoop out some more gut-honest realities and share them with you.

I’m experiencing God at work personally, and in my hubby, more than any other time in my life. It’s life-tilting, scary, and hopeful all in the same breath.

I’m 99% sure we are done having kids.

I’m building a passion for parents with young kids, specifically in regards to mentoring and coming alongside them in that terrifying, full-of-awe season.

I’m dreaming of writing a book, and am clinging daily to God’s leading.

I’m learning that just because people don’t react to me in a way I would, doesn’t mean that they don’t love me.

I’m witnessing spiritual warfare firsthand and have a reverent, new-found respect for prayer.

I’m enjoying watching Tanner’s creative side~ it stirs smiles within me.

I’m obsessed with Ty’s guttural giggle~ it sends me over the moon!

I’m missing my college girls {why must we live so far from one another?}

I’m feeling insignificant that I don’t have a part-time career.

I’m reminding myself that this season with two, small boys is a vapor. In those moments of being discontent or exhausted, I try to focus on the eternal, not temporal.

I’m trusting in God’s perfect timing.

I’m feeling more comfortable in my skin the older I get.

Care to scoop out some confessions of your own?

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