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After completing the life-changing Spiritual Parenting class, I feel like an alive parent, full of purpose, a Big God Story perspective, and the question “What’s God doing in my child in this moment?” humming energetically in my head.

It’s a good fullness, rich with writing our family story, as well as helping shape who Ty and Tanner are now, and who they will become in the future.

And it got me thinking…

When people get engaged, they typically go to marriage counseling.
They sit close, holding hands, ooey gooey in love, meeting with a pastor, or married couple to discuss future unseens, finances, communication, ya know, the works!

It’s quite comical, actually.

Not the marriage advice, no that’s essential, but more so the timing. Because in those moments, they can’t imagine feeling anything but the honey-soaked, twitterpated tingles.

Bryan and I did our premarital counseling with our friends and mentors, Steve and Cori~ two of the most intentional, godly, inspiring people we know. I’d love to be the foundation of their home and observe the genuine way they love one another, model independent faith to their awesome kids, and serve strangers. They model the type of marriage, parents, and family we aspire to be.

In the past eight years, Steve and Cori remain our go-to couple, the ones we unpack life with together, and individually. They have counseled, listened, prayed for, offered advice, given objective feedback, and become an extension of our family.

But for most couples, I find there is a drop-off following premarital counseling. After the marriage advice is given, and the twitterpated tingles fade,
and the honeymoon is years behind,
the babies come.

And as parents, we bump along, half-asleep, or emotionally drained from disciplining, or crying, or comparing our kids. We accept suggestions as we go, learning, trial and error, more on the side of error. We watch how others do it, this whole parent thing, and give our best attempt at pulling it together.

I believe there is more for parents.

I believe in building a generation of Parent Mentors.

In the same way we see engaged couples receiving premarital counseling, how amazing would it be to meet with Parent Mentors, a couple with kid{s} a couple years older than yours, who sit down with you and your spouse once a month, and partner with you on this crazy parent journey? Maybe you don’t yet have children, but you are hoping to one day. Wouldn’t you love to connect with a couple who have walked the path you hope for?

How affirming would it be to sit in their home, or local coffee shop {without the kids running about}
and have them listen to your hearts, offer biblical advice, spiritual wisdom, personal experience, all the while encouraging and preparing you for the road ahead, a road you don’t entirely recognize…

What if these Parent Mentors were a safe couple
to process the challenges of parenting {did your kids go through a season when all you heard was no?},
discuss how to introduce faith,
to share creative ideas on family traditions,
and so on…

More so, what if this mentor couple prayed for you, that the Holy Spirit would guide you as parents, for your treasured children, in your unique family.

I believe all of us can benefit both from Parent Mentors in specific seasons, and as Parent Mentors in another season. Perhaps you are called to receive and give in that same season.. Personally, I’d love to hike this parenting adventure with a couple in the next stage, gleaning as much biblical advice I can possibly stuff into my absorbent brain. After all, this isn’t a hike to be taken alone.

It takes a village to raise a child takes on a whole new meaning once kids come along.

Parent Mentors
Is this something you would desire to be a part of?
If your church offered this ministry, would you participate, whether it be on the giving or receiving end?
If not, would you pray about God using you to start a ministry as Parent Mentors?

One of life’s most beautiful layers is learning from, and encouraging one another.

Parent Mentors.
Sign me up!

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