Circus Tent Nappin’

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Remember this bad boy? The boys so-called Easter basket?
Well, it was a freakin’ hit!
Tanner and Ty loved it.
And so did their three friends that joined in on the Easter festivities!
We’ve found it to be quite kid-proof, which at this stage in life, is a must!
Thank you Ikea, your circus tent will serve us well!

And, dear circus tent, I’d like to personally thank you for the nap I took under your big top.
I didn’t mean to fall asleep.
One minute I am laying on your floor, reading with T, and the next minute I wake up, staring skyward at warm shades of red and yellow, my face reflecting the original striped top.
What a glorious nap!
I mean, how often do I get to nap in a circus tent, whose floor is free of popcorn, and elephant droppings, and I needn’t fear of waking to flaming cannonballs or dancing clowns {nightmare!}.

My eyes are leisurely half open, and I’m in that crossover between dreams and this world. I allow myself a couple of decadent moments to let my thoughts wander.
Twirling, and circling, like popcorn in a machine, my thoughts bounce around, until the popping stops and they settle in the concession bag.

So I grab a handful of my thoughts and listen.

And that’s when the clown of conviction starts laughing.
You see, I sometimes want my Christian walk to resemble a circus.

Big spotlights, sweet smells, one-of-a-kind acts, and glittering costumes!

An extreme event, a once-in-a-lifetime show!
Full of life-changing stories and things never-before seen!

I want  dynamic stories about my relationship with Jesus!
Stories that should be told with spotlights and loud music, maybe some elephants making a special appearance.

But in reality, walking with Jesus, and learning his character is not a once-in-a-lifetime show…
it is a daily, faith-led journey.

It is choosing to trust in the unseen, to trust his grace every single day.
Slow and steady.
Day by day.

It’s asking for forgiveness again.
Praying for God to refine my heart.
Tucking inside me the assurance that my Heavenly Father is my only audience.
Comparing myself to none other than Christ.
Letting scripture soak into my being, words of patience, peace, gentleness, and self-control.

Being a Christian is not an event, nor a production,
it’s a faith walk.

And heaven will be the best show ever!
Lights, glitter… hopefully cotton candy.

Let’s just hope there’s no elephant poop!
Or popcorn covered floors!

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