A Week’s Reflection – Ski-jumps and Dips!

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Days are filled with ups and downs, ski-jumps and dips. Catch a glimpse of last week’s…

Ski-jump: Drinking the world’s best latte, while connecting with an old friend {old as in we were in high school together old} and enjoying the fact that our boys were entertaining themselves so we could gab, uninterrupted {minus potty breaks} for 1 1/2 hours. Count that. One and one half hours!!! World record!

Dip: Our boys entertainment = throwing rocks in a fountain. Big rocks. Oops!

Ski-jump: Letting Tanner stay up late and assist me in making an Italian dish for his class International Party. While boiling noodles, mixing marinara, and throwing Four Cheese on top, I took advantage of a teachable moment.
Me: Pasta is an Italian food, from the country Italy, where people speak Italian.
Tanner: Ya, like slkdfjasd;kljfosdifjasldfjaskldfjasljfl??? 
me: Ummmm, not quite!

Later, at his school, while serving one of his classmates, Taylore, her fourth helping of pineapple {our Hawaiian fruit contribution} I asked her,
Taylore, do you know where pineapple comes from?
Without missing a beat, she lifted her chin and confidently stated,
The store.

Dip: Tasting that taste in my throat, and trying to free my head from a glass bowl.  Thank you change in weather!

Ski-jump: Spending hours with a dear friend, watching her giddy expression when finding a J.Crew gem, discussing what we do and don’t do well, throwing an impromptu dinner party, complete with grilled burgers, seasoned zucchini, a giant chocolate bundt cake, and bringing out the You Are Special plate in celebration of the Burke’s news that a second girl will be joining their sweet family!

Dip: Not finding a J.Crew gem.

Ski-jump: Sleeping in, only to be awakened by boy giggles jumping on, and around me, french toast aromas, and fresh brewed cough-eeee sputtering from the pot! Staying in my p.j’s ’til 3pm, only to shower, and then climb back into bed to share a nap with my oldest.

Dip: Letting the rainy clouds take over my thoughts. The solution?

Another Ski-jump: A surprise dinner made by my thoughtful hubby, followed by a memorable homemade ice-cream making adventure of Peppermint Chocolate-Chip St. Patty’s Day Delight! Yum!

Ski-jump: Bringing Grandma Snyder sunshine in the shape of yellow roses, attempting to keep a straight face while the boys lugged 1960 toy trucks back and forth and plopped them at her feet, devouring BJ’s “The Works” pizza and licking the plate clean.

Dip: Realizing that people get lonely, no matter how young or old. Missing my dad.

Ski-jump: Stopping by my folks on the way home for hugs, conversation catch-ups, mom advice, a dad fix, train building, chocolate-chip cookie baking, I’m blessed sighing, then back to Cindy Lane, anticipation opening to the upcoming week’s promises of

Ski-jumps and Dips

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